Heard It Through the Grapevine

Posted by Rob Mahoney on April 7, 2010 under xOther | 4 Comments to Read

  • Mark Cuban, via Tim MacMahon via The Jason Terry Show: “The Lakers have been playing worse than us,” Cuban said. “Utah has been playing well, but not as well as they were now that Andrei Kirilenko is out. And if we dial in, we know we can kill anybody.”
  • Tom Ziller spells out why it makes sense for Dirk (and Yao Ming, as well) to opt-out this summer and sign a long-term deal. It definitely seems like the best move for Nowitzki on an individual level, though in this case the Mavs would be footing a substantially larger bill than they would otherwise. All indications point to the new CBA completely changing the free agent game, meaning that if Dirk choose not to opt-out this summer, he’ll likely end up signing a shorter, less lucrative deal.
  • On The Basketball Jones’ mail show yesterday, Skeets and Tas reviewed some of the suggested nicknames for Rodrigue Beaubois. My personal favorite: the Beauboinic Plague.
  • Manu Ginobili and the Spurs are close to a three-year, $40 million extension. That’s not good news for Mavs fans to see their division rivals keep a critical piece, but at the same time, the match-up wouldn’t be the same without Manu. The Spurs wouldn’t be the Spurs without Manu.
  • Mark Cuban on the Western Conference, via the Dallas Morning News: “I think all eight teams are better than they were last year. I don’t think anybody’s really taken a step backwards, and we are better than last year, and we’re gonna have to be much better. But, I think, what it comes down to, there’s nobody in the Western Conference playoff run who’s afraid of any other team. Everybody’s beaten everybody. … It’s about injuries, and it’s gonna be who’s hot. … Whether you play San Antonio with the way (Spurs’ guard Manu) Ginobili’s playing, that’s not going to be easy. Portland, Oklahoma City, Phoenix – who is it that you want to play?”
  • There will be no guaranteed starter for the Mavs at center.
  • Dirk doesn’t seem to mind the fact that the Mavs will have to work themselves into a rhythm, especially against the leisurely stroll the Mavs did into the post-season in 2007.
  • Kirk Henderson

    Dirk has made over $100 million in his time in Dallas. He probably doesn’t want to move and start over. Is it unreasonable to try to sign him to a smaller deal than he’s worth?

    I ask because A.) That’d be awesome and B.) Players salaries are all out of whack anyway. Dirk will continue to produce for another 4 years if he doesnt get hurt, since you can’t teach size, shooting touch, or smarts, but still… it’s an interesting thought.

  • preet

    rob im interested in who owns the tiebreaker between us and san antonio? what if they win the last game of the season and we somehow end up tied? it’s quite possible considering our respective forms…

  • crawford

    @preet After head-to-head it is Best division record, currently spurs have lead (but depends on next few games on schedule for both teams – memphis, etc.)

  • preet

    thanks crawford!