Musings from Sloan: Fire Up the Flux Capacitor

Posted by Rob Mahoney on March 22, 2010 under xOther | 2 Comments to Read

Thanks to the fine folks at ESPN, you can pretend you were at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. So clean off your glasses, don your pocket protectors, and set your calculators for stun as you tune into this video of the conference’s keynote panel, “What the Geeks Don’t Get: The Limits of Moneyball.”

It’s worth noting, though, that this was probably the least stat-centered panel in the entire conference. Still interesting and at least entertaining, but if you’re looking for a video to learn ya something, this probably isn’t the one.

The panelists:

  • Mark Cuban – Owns some NBA team, I think.
  • Daryl Morey – GM of the Houston Rockets, founding father of the Sloan Conference, everyone’s favorite GM since the Rox snagged Kevin Martin for table scraps.
  • Jonathan Kraft – President of the Kraft Group, owners of the New England Patriots.
  • Bill Polian – President of the Indianapolis Colts.
  • Bill Simmons – You’ve probably heard of him, and at this point The Sports Guy needs no introduction.

The moderator:

  • Michael Lewis – He of Moneyball fame. Not directly related to the NBA in that regard, but an interesting thinker in regard to the interplay between stats and sports.

  • Josh Bowe

    Great stuff as always from the Sloan Conference.

    Also just wanted to let you know I sent you some emails to your Two Man Game email about your ‘Call to Arms’ post.

    Hopefully you like what you read.

  • Bryan

    i thought it was pretty funny every time you heard marks loud distinguishable obnoxious laugh.