Knowing Now What We Already Knew

Posted by Rob Mahoney on March 3, 2010 under News | 3 Comments to Read

For fans who have been following the Mavs closely, the news of what has been keeping Tim Thomas away from the team is hardly breaking. That doesn’t make anything any less hard or breaking for Thomas, but it very well should change how we see Thomas as a person. His time with the Mavs has been entirely without incident, unless you happen to consider coming in off the bench with unreliable playing time and just doing his job an incident. Based on the way that Tim’s career has gone thus far, I wouldn’t blame you.

But this is a case where Thomas deserved the benefit of the doubt. He fell off the map somewhat mysteriously, and it’s easy to whisper that this was just another case of Thomas being Thomas. After all, who would have been all that surprised if Tim had fallen into the very bed he had made for himself?

But he didn’t. He was doing exactly what he was supposed to do, and he’s still doing it today. It’d be nice if he could still be providing depth at forward and bench scoring, but life isn’t always so accommodating. Instead, Tim and his family are going through some very trying times, and to ask anything more of him would be ridiculous.

All the best to Tim’s wife, Tricia, Thomas himself, and their three children. We don’t know exactly exactly what ails Tricia or how serious it is, but she should have plenty of thoughts, prayers, and positive thoughts coming her way from the Mavs family and MFFLs everywhere.

  • Ray

    I wouldn’t necessarily say it was entirely without incident, as there was that little dust-up at Denny’s at 4 a.m. involving Thomas.

  • Cynthia

    Nothing happened with the incident at Dennys and according to EVERY report I read about was Tims friend that got into it with the other customer, not Thomas himself. Personally I feel bad for Tim and his family and I hope everything turns out alright. Hopefully they’ll be a roster spot for him here next season.

  • Ray

    I agree that reports stated that Tim wasn’t the one involved, but merely pointing out that it was an incident involving Tim.

    Hope all is well with his family too.