Heard It Through the Grapevine

Posted by Rob Mahoney on March 13, 2010 under xOther | 2 Comments to Read

  • First of all, congrats to Kevin and Farhan, the winners of the Two Man Game Giveaway.
  • If John Hollinger is wrong about the Mavs and they win it all, what effect does that have on the progress of the statistical community at large?
  • A note on point differential/winning close games to (hopefully) wrap up the Hollinger talk: the important thing that point differential demonstrates is not whether or not a team can win close games, though that’s important. It’s whether or not a team allows itself to get into those situations in the first place. Of course there are factors that will skew the numbers — fluffing free throws at the end of a win, late surges for the losers when the winning team puts in their garbage time players — but the data seems to, somewhat counter-intuitively perhaps, better describe the team’s performance during the meat of the game than the finale.
  • Bradford Doolittle presents the Norman Dale Index, a junk stat that quantifies a team’s fundamentals. Doolittle used five criteria to calculate the NDI: taking care of the ball (turnover percentage), defensive rebounding (defensive rebound percentage), free throw shooting (straight up free throw percentage), challenging the other team’s shots (opponent’s effective field goal percentage), and ball movement (team touches per minute). It shouldn’t surprise you to know that each of the five criteria are Maverick strengths, which by this somewhat crude measure makes Dallas the most fundamentally sound team in the NBA.
  • The Mavs have the most wins in the NBA this season after trailing by 10+ points (17). (via @mavstats)
  • Checking in with long-time friend of the Mavs and former scout extraordinaire, Amadou Fall.
  • Marc Stein on the Weekend Dime: “‘I’ve heard it. I’ve never agreed with it. That’s on you guys.’ Mavericks guard Jason Kidd, reflecting Wednesday night — after a come-from-behind victory over the Devin Harris-led New Jersey Nets — on the criticism he and the Mavs received throughout last season because Harris, now 27, was the centerpiece of a trade package Dallas surrendered to acquire Kidd at the 2008 trade deadline.It’s now a near-nightly occurrence for reporters to stop by Kidd’s locker and personally withdraw those sentiments, with the 36-year-old in the midst of a renaissance that has fueled the Mavericks’ 13-game win streak.”
  • A happy birthday to Caron Butler, who turns 30 today. A 14th straight win is as good of a present as any, right?
  • Michael Lee of the Washington Post (@MrMichaelLee): “I also asked Josh about DAL winning 13 games in a row. Howard smiled & said, ‘They got a streak going. Pretty good.’”
  • Victor

    Rick Carlisle says “True dat” in this video.
    Also, I didn’t know he could smile without secretly wanting to kill everyone around him — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLN1P4X8eHg

  • Crainge

    Hi ROB! What’s happening? No update for almost a week now.. Craving for more MAVS stuffs.. Hope you’ll have something new soon.. More power.. Go MAVS..