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Posted by Rob Mahoney on March 30, 2010 under xOther | 4 Comments to Read

  • Skeets and Tas talk a lot of Mavs-Nuggets on today’s episode of The Basketball Jones, and Tas does not approve of the “Roddy Buckets” moniker. Have to agree on that one — is that really the best we can do? UPDATE: On the Jones’ mailbag episode, the guys announced that they’re running a contest for the best nickname for Beaubois. Call in at 1-888-TBJ-4377 to leave an audio message or send your video message to tbj[at]thescore.com, best entry gets a prize.
  • Jeremy of Roundball Mining Company: “Some of you may remember when the Golden State Warriors upset the Dallas Mavericks in the first round of the 2007 playoffs it was Stephen Jackson who hounded Dirk Nowitzki game after game. If the Nuggets have a player that fits that mold it is Carmelo Anthony. I was hoping to see Melo spend some time covering Dirk and I got what I asked for. Melo worked hard, fought for position and kept Dirk on the perimeter. He could have done a better job boxing out, but it would be interesting to see what Melo could do on Dirk for an extended period of time.” I can’t say I agree. Jackson has always been a more tenacious defender than Melo, and although Anthony’s defense has certainly improved this season, I don’t see him as being a good primary option for defending Nowitzki. Then again, I don’t see Kenyon Martin, Chris Andersen, Johan Petro, or Joey Graham as good options either, and I’d point to Dirk’s success last  year in the playoffs as my evidence.
  • Speaking of Kenyon Martin, Yahoo’s Marcus Spears reported earlier this morning that it’s possible Martin might not play for the rest of this season at all. Playoffs included.
  • If you’re interested in attending this year’s Nike Hoops Summit, the event that spawned Dirk Nowitzki’s NBA career, general admission tickets are pretty cheap. (via Ben Golliver, @blazersedge)
  • Something of note that we saw last night: Rodrigue Beaubois playing extended minutes at point guard alongside Jason Terry. I understand Rick Carlisle’s reluctance to play Roddy at the point, especially with the post-season looming. But having Jason Terry as the shooting guard not only gives the Mavs another ball-handler, but someone with enough point guard experience to make for a pretty interesting backcourt. The Spurs have been using Manu Ginobili at point alongside George Hill during Tony Parker’s absence, though Hill might be listed as the PG. I can’t help but wonder if the Mavs couldn’t try something similar with their second unit, playing Terry and Beaubois in a tandem-PG/SG role in which both can use their handles, passing, and shooting to set up each other and their teammates. It’s not a straight up “Beaubois at PG” solution or a “Terry at PG” solution, but a hybrid model that would seem to serve the Mavs’ needs best…supposing those needs involve burying J.J. Barea.
  • The Mavs are willing to give Shawn Marion credit for shutting down Carmelo Anthony, and they’re right to do so. Dirk even goes as far as to call him the player of the game.
  • A revised look at how the Mavs have performed in their head-to-head match-ups with the other Western Conference playoff teams.
  • Albert

    French. Cuffs.

  • harry

    For a grapevine link:
    Every now and then you hear talk of the next Dirk. I think he may already be here. Look at this link and tell me the two players stat profile is creepy similar.


  • Cynthia

    The MAVS may have given Shawn credit for his work on Anthony (and rightfully so) but Anthony sure doesn’t. He said Marion didn’t do anything special or more than he normally does. I guess Anthony averaging 15pts per game against the MAVS this year had NOTHING to do with Marions defense either. Deny all you want you bitch slapping douchebag….it STILL doesn’t change the facts.

  • Matt

    Marion obviously did an increadible job defensively but I like Melo’s answer. As a superstar who’s expected to be the primary scoring threat each game I want them to have that mentality. I wish Dirk had the same mentality that no one could stop him. Melo has the competitive spirit that could still lift his team up even after a big loss.