Heard It Through the Grapeine

Posted by Rob Mahoney on March 23, 2010 under xOther | 3 Comments to Read

  • I’ve received some excellent submissions for my Call to Arms, but more candidates can never hurt. I’m really quite pleased with the response and could probably roll out as is, but in case you missed the call the first time around and are interested in becoming a regular contributor for the site, check out the post.
  • Sporcle quizzes are tremendous fun. Sporcle quizzes about the Mavs? Well, they’re just dreamy. (via greensborohill on the DB.com message boards). What’s your score?
  • You guys commented, and I listened. To everyone who had a problem with the previous tagline for the site, take a look at the new, slightly-altered banner.
  • Mike Fisher and Luke Kammrath have unveiled “Adjusted Win Percentage” Power Rankings at DallasBasketball.com, which is an interesting concept. I still don’t buy into the power ranking craze, but I definitely appreciate what Fish and Kammrath are trying to do. That said, I have a few concerns. Primarily, if one of the central points of contention with Hollinger’s rankings were that the weighting of the criteria were arbitrary, the AWP rankings aren’t any better. Are the seven percentages that factor in all weighted equally? If so, why? And if not, why not? That said, I appreciate the compromise in including both point differential (via Pythagorean win-loss) and close game winning percentage, though the decision on what is a “close game” is always going to be arbitrary as well.
  • Kelly Dwyer: “Dallas got off to a great start in this one, they had the Hornets down double-figures early, but seemed to want to let New Orleans set the tone from there on out. As if they expected NOLA to lie down after the quick start. The Hornets did not, clearly, and made up for some cold shooting from Darren Collison by forcing turnovers (Dallas coughed it up in one of every five possessions) and going through David West...Dirk Nowitzkihad five turnovers. Or, as many turnovers as he had in the week of March 13th to the 20th, in over 116 minutes of play.”
  • A happy birthday to Jason Kidd, who turns 37 today.
  • An interesting note from Tom Haberstroh, part of the HoopData revolution that is slowly taking over the world: “From the @Hoopdata shot location files: Caron Butler has shot better on long 2s than layups in DAL.”
  • Ryan Schwan of Hornets 247: “Nothing makes me smile like Jason Kidd putting the ball on the floor in the half-court.  It’s rare when that results in something good for the Mavs.”
  • Michael Jordan, starring in: “If I Could Be Like Mark.” Wait, what?