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Posted by Rob Mahoney on March 19, 2010 under News | 8 Comments to Read

In all honesty, this has probably been a long time coming. A blog like The Two Man Game just feels empty with one person, and there’s so much work to be done on any blog, especially one covering an NBA team at a time like this; there is an endless amount of information to consume about a team and its players, be it anecdotal, statistical, in 140 characters, on video, or in person. The work is never done because there is always more to do.

Which is why I’m looking to expand the writing base here at TMG. Not to usher in a new era or take on a lesser role, but to help provide even more content and hopefully avoid spells where you guys are left out in the cold. Nothing should change aside from the volume of content here.

So I’m looking for a few candidates. You guys drop comments ranging from blips to diatribes, but many of them (regardless of length) are full of insight and wit. You’ve seriously contributed to the growing community here over the last year, and your comments are an important part of the discourse.

There are also those of you out there lurking in the shadows. Milford men, perhaps. Those that are neither seen nor heard, but still have plenty to say and deserve to have plenty hear it.

For the time being, it won’t be an incredibly demanding gig. I’m looking for someone to run the Grapevine, chip in with recaps, and contribute analytical pieces now and again. Here are the requirements:

  1. Applicants should be able to write about the Dallas Mavericks in a comprehensible manner.

That’s it. Maybe you’re a die-hard fan, or maybe just a basketball fan with an interest in Dirk and co. Maybe you’re a writer who happens to fancy basketball, or a basketball nut who happens to fancy writing. All styles are welcome, provided you’re able to contribute reliably and do good work.

So send in any kind of Mavs-centric submission to thetwomangame[at] Write a game recap, put your torrid love affair with Jason Terry’s jump shot in print, defend J.J. Barea, tell us why Dirk is a true MVP candidate, whatever. Write about whatever you want as long as whatever you want is the Mavs.

There’s no official deadline for submissions; I’m hoping this is one of those things where I’ll know what I’m looking for when I see it, and we’ll go from there. If you don’t think your first submission is your best work, keep submitting. Different topics, different styles, different formats. Whatever you think best showcases what you can do as a writer.

I’m looking forward to seeing the content you guys can churn out. Some of it may be posted here, or maybe not. Regardless, I’m looking forward to welcoming someone out there to the Two Man Game staff.

  • Brendan K.


  • tyson

    I humbly decline as I fondly prefer mooching content.

    • Rob Mahoney

      @tyson: I’ll allow it.

  • Kirk Henderson

    I look forward to seeing who joins the ‘staff’. I’d submit one of my diatribes that I tend to write now and then, but the fact is despite how much I know about basketball (NBA and the sport in general), I’m still just a fan.

    Not to mention I only seem to write something worth a damn when riled up. The NBA is a long season, even for writers, so I’m sure its a challenge to search for and come up with new content.

  • Mark

    Hey Rob,

    I would like to “apply for the position.” Right now, I have my own basketball site,, and I am completely dedicated to covering the NBA.

    I love down south in Corpus Christi, Texas (I assume you too are from Texas) and I get to see a lot of Dallas basketball. I pretty much always root for Dallas unless they play the Lakers or Hornets. I love Dirk, too.

    So, covering the team wouldn’t be an issue at all for me. I’d just need to know what kind of content you want. Game recaps, player reports or whatever.

    To see my work, my site is:

    Thanks for the consideration in advance.

  • Mookie Blaylock

    If you can find a way to dissolve the ‘block I’ve had since leaving college…

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