Stranger Danger

Posted by Rob Mahoney on February 4, 2010 under xOther | Read the First Comment

Forgot to mention this yesterday, but apparently the security at the AAC may be in the slightest bit lacking. From Jason Quick of The Oregonian, in regard to last week’s game between the Mavs and the Blazers in Dallas:

During a timeout with 41 seconds left in regulation, two women walked onto the court and into the Trail Blazers huddle. One woman wrapped her arms around the waist of Blazers guard Rudy Fernandez from behind. Fernandez, who was not in the game but focused on the plays being diagrammed by coach Nate McMillan, was stunned.

“I was surprised,’’ Fernandez said. “I was listening to the coach on the bench and behind me, she touches me and says, ‘Rudy, I love you. Nice to meet you. Good game.’

“I said, ‘What?’’’

Blazers guard Jerryd Bayless, who was on the perimeter of the huddle, said he saw the whole event transpire.

“They were drunk, obviously,’’ Bayless said. “I was actually close to Rudy, but when I saw them coming, and once they got onto the court, I stepped back.’’

The women were ushered away from the huddle, and amazingly allowed to return to their courtside seats under the basket and watch the remainder of the game, which went to overtime.

Let’s not make this more than it is. That said, like most of the other internet scribes commenting on this pretty bizarre story, I’m curious: why on Earth were these two women, who wandered onto the court and into a huddle, not kicked out of the arena? I’m puzzled. Bamboozled. Perplexed. Fans walk onto the court during a dead ball situation, hugged a player, talked to him, and then were led politely back to their seats?

  • Jeff

    It is pretty incredible.