Rumor Mongering: An Immovable Object

Posted by Rob Mahoney on February 9, 2010 under Rumors | Be the First to Comment

Rodrigue Beaubois has come a long way since he set foot in Dallas, and he has a long way before he gets where he’s going. And if there’s truth to Mark Cuban’s words, Roddy will get there in a Maverick uniform. From Tim MacMahon of ESPN Dallas:

Teams talking trade with the Dallas Mavericks shouldn’t bother asking for rookie guard Roddy Beaubois.

“I’m not going to trade him,” owner Mark Cuban said while sitting in the first row before the Mavs-Warriors game.

Beaubois’ name has popped up in a lot of trade speculation because he’s has a lot of talent and an inexpensive contract. If a cost-cutting team wants to get basketball value out of a deal instead of just expiring contract, Beaubois is the Mavs’ best fit.

Of course, that’s exactly why the Mavs want to keep the kid. Cuban backed down a bit after declaring Beaubois off-limits, but odds are strong that the only way Beaubois departs Dallas is in a sign-and-trade deal for one of the free-agent superstars this summer.

“There’s maybe one or two guys in the league that I would trade him for,” Cuban said. “That’s it. Other than that, he’s pretty much untouchable.”

It’s obvious hyperbole, but the point is made: Beaubois is a vital asset for the Mavs at this juncture. He represents the only real potential for internal growth on the entire roster, and Cuban isn’t about to give that up. In Beaubois, the Mavs have a guy who can play both guard spots, contributes on both ends, and does so for a pretty minimal salary commitment. Under the current CBA, rookie contracts are worth their weight in gold; talented players, brimming with potential, are able to mature under the watchful eye of team personnel without any serious, long-term salary cap implications. It doesn’t get any better than that, and if you think the Mavs are enjoying Roddy’s production now, in the first year of his deal, think of how much of a bargain he’ll be in year four (provided his development goes according to plan).

I wouldn’t blame Cuban, Donnie Nelson, or Rick Carlisle for wanting to cash in on Beaubois’ trade value if it meant adding a significant piece now. But Roddy is going to be a very good player in this league for a very long time, so unless the trade was an absolutely certain boon for the Mavs (and I’m talking championship contention boon), Cuban has the right idea. We don’t want Nash to be next in the long line of Maverick point guards traded away only to find greatness (though Devin Harris’ sub-par season is doing a great job of bucking that trend).