Moving Pictures: Utter Destruction

Posted by Rob Mahoney on February 3, 2010 under Video | 5 Comments to Read

Monday night’s game between the Mavs and the Jazz was a terrific showcase of high quality basketball…until Dallas completely broke down in the fourth quarter. Utah completely dominated the final frame, making those resilient Maverick performances from early in the season seem like a distant memory. In this installment of Moving Pictures, we’ll look at what the Jazz did well and where the Mavs folded.

You can watch the video on Vimeo for a much larger picture, which is in the original widescreen resolution the video was made for.

Note: Apologies on how late this is, but I don’t really feel that it’s dated. YouTube gave me all kinds of trouble on the upload, hence Vimeo.

  • Crawford

    It’s good to use vimeo. Quality is probably better, and it’s less likely to be blocked at work by your blog viewers. I changed jobs since last time I made this post, so now I can view youtube installments, but I think it serves everyoen better to vimeo away. Now you don’t have to bow down to google. Give ‘em a little competition so they get better and better.

    • Rob Mahoney

      @Crawford: I honestly have no preference one way or the other, though obviously I want you guys to actually be able to watch these things. The problem with Vimeo is that they restrict you on uploads unless you pay for a premium account…which just seems silly with YouTube sitting there all free-like, y’know?

  • weston


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  • The JLF

    Great editing and analysis. The close games of the Mavs have me worried. They can’t keep it up or shut things down. Your comments are spot on and unless they get a handle on how to stop decrepit point guards from scoring half a hundred or high energy teams from asserting their will, I don’t see them holding onto 3rd in the West for long.