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Posted by Rob Mahoney on February 22, 2010 under News, Roster Moves | 2 Comments to Read

According to Mike Fisher of and Art Garcia of, the Mavs are all set to sign Von Wafer to a 10-day contract pending he passes a physical. It’s not a given, especially considering that Wafer already failed one physical this year, and 10-day prospects are on thin ice to begin with.

You’ve already heard enough about Wafer from me, so I enlisted the help of Rahat Huq of the superb Houston Rockets blog, Red 94. Wafer’s last NBA court time came with Houston last season, which makes Rahat just the man to talk to. Here are his lasting thoughts and impressions on Von Wafer:

I still feel fondly about Von Wafer because were it not for his contributions in ’09, we don’t have the surprising success that we did.

To his game: Wafer is a scorer; he’s not looking to pass. He’s at his best when slashing to the basket off the rotation of the defense. He’s not freakish, but still very athletic, and he uses this trait to feast on opponents when not given sufficient attention. He can also pull up for the jumper after taking one dribble. His handles are very poor for a guard. The extent of his 1-on-1 capabilities is a move where, if he has sufficient space against a backed up defender, he takes one hard dribble in either direction and then crosses back over to the other hand for either the pull-up or the drive. Fans often mistook this for an ability to create assuming high potential. Don’t – if guarded closely, Wafer doesn’t have a chance off the dribble.

Despite his size and athleticism, Wafer is a poor defender who often gets lost in rotations and in fighting around screens. Defense is his biggest weakness and what kept him off the floor on many occasions when his offense was desperately needed.

Finally, while it endears him to fans, Von Wafer’s emotions can sometimes destroy him. He was kicked out of a playoff game for getting into a shouting match with Adelman. If things are going poorly for him, it can spiral out of control very quickly.

  • Royce

    Rahat is solid.

  • Jeff

    Finally, a player with a fohawk. Just what was needed.