Dark Days

Posted by Rob Mahoney on February 23, 2010 under News | 3 Comments to Read

If one team is covered in brilliant sunshine, another must be cloaked in darkness.

Josh Howard went down in last night’s game between the Wizards and the Bulls, and had to be helped off the court. It looked to be a knee injury, and while Josh was clearly in some pain, nothing seemed terribly serious. But according to Mike Jones (formerly of the Washington Times), Josh has torn his ACL and is done for the season.

I know Josh isn’t a Mav, and has had his fun taking a shot or two at the Mavs since he was traded. But how can you not feel for him right now? Howard’s already low value as a free agent just fell even further, and Josh’s opportunity to redeem his rough start has been completely obliterated. Nothing but sympathy for Josh, who has already fought to overcome a bucket-full of injuries in the last few years, and doesn’t deserve the hand he’s been dealt.