The First Sign of the Apocalypse

Posted by Rob Mahoney on January 9, 2010 under Commentary, Rumors | 3 Comments to Read

(Video via Wes Cox of Mavs Moneyball)

I love it. One of the most memorable Maverick threes to date. Plus, Dampier chimed in with the money quote(via Eddie Sefko) :

“I was overdue,” the 6-11 Dampier quipped. “I knew it was in when I shot it. The great shooters know.”

But Damp wasn’t the only one with thoughts on The Shot Heard ‘Round the World. First, let’s check in with the opposition, to see how the Spurs are swallowing the most inconsequential shot of the game (via Mike Monroe of the San Antonio Express-News):

Some of the Spurs were none too happy when Mavericks center Erick Dampier, his team already ahead by nine points, fired up a 3-point shot that fell in the game’s final seconds.

“Come on, man,” said Spurs veteran Antonio McDyess. “If you’ve got respect for the other team you don’t (take that shot). I know the shot clock was running out, but that’s just showboating to me. We’ll remember that, too.”

Seems a bit extreme to me. After all, if Damp misses, is McDyess still appalled at the lack of sportsmanship? This was about as statistically improbable as it gets, which is why JET dished it to Dampier in the corner in the first place.

Next, let’s see what the Mavs’ head honchos had to say about their emerging three-point threat (via Richard Durrett of ESPN Dallas):

“I’m not crazy about it, to be honest, at that point in the game,” Carlisle said. “But it’s over.”

Mavs owner Mark Cuban was chuckling about it before Saturday’s game.

“I asked the commissioner to put him in the 3-point shooting contest,” said Cuban, referring to the annual All-Star Game skills competition. “We’ll see what happens.”

  • Phil

    ABSOLUTELY! probably cheered more for that one than for Dirks 2 or The Jets… Loved it!

  • Phil

    he even did the “can’t touch my face thing” at 0:06!

  • Rob Mahoney

    I’ll be damned. GREAT catch, Phil.