Heard It Through the Grapevine

Posted by Rob Mahoney on January 27, 2010 under xOther | Be the First to Comment

  • Frank Madden of BrewHoop ponders, “If a one-point loss is predictable, does it make it less heartbreaking?”
  • Via @mavstats: “[Jason Terry] has six 20+ pt games in last 11 (only eight 20+ pt games in first 34 of the season).”
  • John Krolik explains, with myriad reasons, why Drew Gooden was one of the “most ridiculous” rotation players to play alongside LeBron James. He’s probably not wrong. And Krolik sums up Drew’s Cavs career nicely with this anecdote: “Around the beginning of my Sophomore year, I realized that the magnetizing strip on my student ID card had worn out. This meant that it wouldn’t work sometimes in some places, and would never work in other places. It was often a hassle, but it would work just often enough so that I didn’t feel the need to replace it. It wasn’t making my life impossible, and I had too many other things to do to worry about replacing the card. You know when I ended up replaced that card? Yesterday. It took me just over a year and a half to get sufficiently fed up with my barely adequate card. That story is how I would explain the Drew Gooden era for the Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s hard to realize that something that works needs replacing, even when it doesn’t work very well.”
  • For Jeremy Schmidt of Bucksketball, even watching Dirk play on the opposing team is exhausting.
  • Rick Carlisle lets Erick Dampier off the hook for Andrew Bogut’s big night (seriously, Bogut’s post-work was a thing of beauty). Via Tim MacMahon: “Damp was playing really on a leg that was not right and he made three monstrous defensive plays in the last few minutes that put us in position to win the game…Give him a lot of credit. He’s been struggling. It’s been a tough go here the last three weeks, but he’s giving us what he can.”
  • Jason Terry on the Beaubois-Barea on-court pairing (via Jeff Caplan): “They play well together, they’re quick…That’s a unit that you say, ‘Wow, they just bother the heck out of people.’ If you look at them, they’re all over the place.”
  • JET throws in a vote for Andrew Bogut as an All-Star. He was better than merely an All-Star last night, though.
  • Dirk Nowitzki tied Brad Davis for the most games played as a Maverick (883) last night.
  • via @benandskin: “Marc Stein feels like Mavs like Kevin Martin best of all names being thrown around[.]“
  • Here’s a horrifying possibility: Amare Stoudemire as a San Antonio Spur. But don’t confuse possibility with probability; the odds of Amare landing in SanAn are extremely slim, and the Spurs may actually be more likely to expedite his trade to another team.