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Posted by Rob Mahoney on January 7, 2010 under xOther | 6 Comments to Read

  • Amadou Fall, the Mavs director of scouting, is officially leaving the team to head the NBA’s Basketball Without Borders program in South Africa. Congrats to Amadou, and though his talents will be missed (Marc Stein cites Fall as a major player in the decision to draft Rodrigue Beaubois), he’ll be working for a terrific cause and will undoubtedly do some fine work.
  • Jason Terry on the significance of his hot shooting against the Pistons (via Tim MacMahon): “Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come.”
  • Shawn Marion’s high-energy bobblehead.
  • Sebastian Pruiti, my fellow TrueHooper over at NetsAreScorching, has launched a new blog entitled NBA Playbook. It’s exactly what it sounds like, and Sebastian broke down the Mavs’ “miscommunication” that led to a wide open, potentially game-tying three point attempt for Rodney Stuckey.
  • Where have you gone, Calvin Booth?
  • Dirk is a no-brainer for the best European player of all time, but could Pau Gasol eventually nab the honor? Dirk is two years Pau’s senior, so it could very well depend on just how long the two remain active and just how successful Pau and the Lakers can be. On an individual level, I’m not sure the two are even comparable; Dirk can simply do things on the offensive end that no other player can do, while Gasol, for all his talents, isn’t built to carry an offense in the same way. That said, if championships are part of the criteria, Gasol already has a ring on his finger and is in a good position to possibly win a few more. I’m not sure how much the ‘ships count in the context of this discussion, but that’s the one area in which Pau clearly trumps Dirk.
  • Now infamous former Mavs stat guru Wayne Winston on this season’s MVP (via Henry Abbott): “Surely Dirk. He leads the whole league in two of my categories, plus/minus points and impact (plus-26 points, plus-73% impact). Luol Deng, Ray Allen and LeBron James have also been great. People forget Kobe Bryant has great teammates, so I do not think he is up there.” High praise, albeit from a guy who has made his share of dubious claims.
  • On the surface, this is about a blogger who has long walked the realm of the NBA utterly team-less. But dig a little deeper, and you’ve got one of the most cogent, self-aware, and perceptive writers in the biz pinning down exactly what it means to be a fan. Lap up the praise, Moore, because this new era of your NBA fanhood has started with a bang.
  • william head

    Pau vs. Dirk:
    All things being equal, this is not even a contest.
    Though it has been in vogue for quite some time now to bring up his name first, people seem to forget Gasol was one-upping McGrady for playoff futility as top dog in Memphis. Why could Gasol’s Griz never advance? Because they couldn’t even win one game against Nowitzki’s Mavs? I know Dallas had a superior team overall, but not even one game?
    People’s main problem with Dirk is that they label him as being soft, but wasn’t this the exact same critique against Gasol when Garnett’s C’s rolled the Lakers 2 yrs ago? With Garnett injured last year, the Lakers got Orlando instead, and magically Gasol is transformed into something called a “dominant finesse big man”. WTF?
    Yes Gasol has a ring, but if you switch Kobe for Jet Terry, how far do the Lakers go? And while he is definitely their 2nd best player, they were still the best team in the West for the 20 or so games he was missing this year, so he is clearly not the thing that makes them go.
    I do think Gasol is a supreme talent and one of the top 8 big men in the league. I think playing next to Kobe could earn him another ring or 2, and his overall career numbers will be very nice.
    But I think when Dirk retires, with or without rings, his numbers will be genuine first ballot Hall of Fame

  • daniel


    I don’t know how difficult it would be to do this, but it would be nice if the links opened up in another tab instead of leaving the page.

    • http://www.thetwomangame.com Rob Mahoney

      I’ll see what I can do from my end, Daniel. But until then, just go with the ctrl+click or command+click, eh?

  • daniel

    Thanks! I didn’t know about that little trick.

  • Andrew

    That kinda Pau Gasol nonsense makes me spittin’ mad. Heard it before. As if it makes a player better to play on the Lakers and Spain rather than the Mavericks and Germany. Would Gary Payton have had a better career if he won that last championship as a crippled old man with a Shaq-Kobe-Mailman Lakers team? Really? Would the Lakers still be excellent with Kobe-Odom-Bynum-Artest? I say yes. What about the Mavericks with Kidd-Terry-Howard-Marion? Of course not.

    Talk about how Pau Gasol averages only 18.8 because of Kobe Bryant. Guy averaged about one additional point with Memphis while competing with the likes of Eddie Jones (you remember him), Chucky Atkins and Damon Stoudamire for shots. Gimme a dang break, already.

  • kalone

    if you’re going to consider chips in gauging the best european player in history, you might want to think about some of the ones in your division, like tony parker or manu ginobili. both have three NBA rings, one has a finals MVP and the other has euroleague championships and an olympic gold medal. they’re also all-stars and all-NBA players.