Goodnight, Sweet Hump

Posted by Rob Mahoney on January 8, 2010 under News | 9 Comments to Read

It’s with an incredibly amount of regret that I have to announce the end of Hump Day. The Mavs have completed the deal in principle that we discussed here last week, sending Humphries and Shawne Williams (who will subsequently be cut) to New Jersey for Eduardo Najera.

New Jersey will have to use it’s trade exception ($2.4 million) to absorb the excess salary. More to come tomorrow, but a tip of the hat to Humphries for all of his hard work during his short time here in Dallas, and a nonchalant look-away for the exiled Shawne Williams.

More to come tomorrow in terms of what it all means.

  • Kirk Henderson

    I’ve been a big Najera fan since he came back after getting a concussion IN THE SAME GAME during the NCAA tourny when he was a Sooner. But… this hurts. I liked Hump. No… loved him. And my wife thought he was at least a bench player on the All-Mauve team with the NBA…

    I’m looking forward to hearing the ramifications… cuz I honestly don’t see why. Hump is one of the only players we have who has size and likes to bang bodies. Najera is on his last legs…

  • Kevin

    Apparently the Mavs are saving something like $5 million dollars, when you figure in the luxury tax.

  • william head

    Don’t discount this aspect of the trade (and plz correct me if i’m mistaken): by my count, the 2 for 1 opens up a roster spot for Dallas, which might be used before the deadline to bring back a final piece or 2.
    Moving Williams was the key here. Clearly if he was just a normal expiring contract Dallas could have moved him sooner and for more, but the fact that the 2 parties were at an impasse made it very hard for Dallas to get any return value from a trade partner. You obviously don’t want to move Hump, but with a full strength roster he doesn’t see the floor anyway, and getting Najera back means that you can just theoretically plug Eddie into Hump’s former role (whether Eddie has the health to bang is a different matter).
    But now that Williams is gone, should Dallas choose, they can move one of their other expirings and take back a bad contract plus a prime piece, and in that scenario, the return value for the Humphries “giveaway” is increased.
    Or none of that could happen, Dallas could pocket the savings and Singleton and Najera could just hold hands on the bench for long stretches of time, forever on the outskirts of Rick Carlisle’s ever shrinking rotation.

  • william head

    oh and then there is this:
    speculation is that Shawne Williams will be cut immediately, but in order to even absorb the trade to begin with, the Nets need to cut a player from their current roster, and all evidence points to them releasing current 1st round disappointment: Sean Williams.
    That sound you hear is Devin Harris crying into his beer.

  • BJ

    That’s a damn shame.

  • David

    This one hurts …

  • finzent

    Goodbye, Hump!

    I’m sure you’ll rock New Jersey, though.

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  • Andrew

    The only day in NBA history in which two Shawne/Sean Williams’ were cut together. *Sniff*.