You’re the Best

Posted by Rob Mahoney on December 16, 2009 under xOther | Be the First to Comment

via ESPN Dallas.

  1. Avery puts the Mavs as the third best team in the West, which is reasonable. The Lakers are clearly the class of the conference, and the 2-3 spots are Mavs and Nuggets, interchangeably.
  2. He also says of Dirk: “…you can give him the MVP right now if you want to.” As of now, I couldn’t agree more. Things could look very different by the end of the regular season, but so far Dirk’s certainly earned it.
  3. I’ve always found it funny that Charles Barkley can never get J.J. Barea’s name right. I realize he’s a back-up and that few people are as casual about their jobs as Chuck, but come on. If it was one, two, three times, hey, everyone makes mistakes. But Barkley consistently blows it, opting for “Barrera” instead. But after watching that Avery video, why should I expect precise pronunciation from Barkley when J.J.’s former coach can’t even remember his last name?