No Game Is an Island: Unbridled

Posted by Rob Mahoney on December 16, 2009 under Previews | Read the First Comment

Russell Westbrook has the potential to be a terrific player, even if his natural instincts tell him to take bad, long jumpers and drive into the lane without a plan of attack. Still, he intends well, and he’s the rare breed of NBA talent that boasts both tremendous athleticism and excellent work ethic.

Nothing comes easy for Russell Westbrook on the basketball court…except for the running and the leaping. But those skills make Westbrook more a track star than a legit NBA player. Yet Russell is considered one of the best young points in the league, and his dynamic, energetic play is one of the reasons why the Thunder are slowly invading the national consciousness. He boasts a rare combination of top-notch athleticism and maximum effort, two traits which are almost antithetical in today’s NBA. The league’s athletic freaks typically coast on their natural gifts for far too long, temporarily halting their development and limiting their opportunities. Those that aren’t blessed with that athleticism typically opt towards honing a particular skill or simply outwork everyone else on the floor. But despite his ridiculous ups and explosive speed, Westbrook has managed to stay grounded.

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The Dallas Mavericks visit the Okahoma City Thunder
7:00 CST

  • Brayden

    I will be in Dallas for the first time in a long time this next week and want to buy tickets to the Portland game.

    Anyone know the best place to get cheap last minute tickets? Box office? Some random website? I refuse to use ticketmaster.