Moving Pictures: The Return

Posted by Rob Mahoney on December 3, 2009 under Video | 6 Comments to Read

When it comes to Erick Dampier, I’m a believer. I buy the company line that he means more to this team than most people realize. I watch him set perfect screens for Dirk, JET, or Kidd. I watch him go to work on the offensive boards, creating possessions where there were none. And perhaps most importantly, I watch closely to appraise and, in turn, appreciate what Dampier does for the Mavs on defense. In this installment of Moving Pictures (which is totally Nets-less, by the way — it focuses solely on Damp’s return to the lineup against Philly), we’ll examine Damp’s defensive values, in ways both subtle and overt.

  • Jared

    Couldn’t agree more on Damp. I’ve always said that many Mavs fans won’t realize what they have in Damp until he’s gone.

  • Brian D

    Excellent video.

  • Tony

    Damp is ridiculously underrated.

  • Phil

    hey rob, somehow the video doesnt work for me (maybe it has something to do with me living in Germany)…you know a way I can get to watch it?

  • Phil

    weird, now that I tried it again “in the comment section” it does work, so never mind (I cant delete my post). GREAT WORK, as always!

  • Rob Mahoney

    @Phil: Glad it worked itself out. I had to use Vimeo rather than YouTube for this one (YouTube was having trouble uploading…anti-Damp bias?), so that could be why.