Moving Pictures: Abandon All Hope

Posted by Rob Mahoney on December 3, 2009 under Video | 7 Comments to Read

For three quarters of last night’s game, the Dallas Mavericks were pedestrian. They were hot at times, cold at others, and struggling to defend a sub-par New Jersey offense. But for the span one twelve minutes, the Mavs were soul-crushers. It’s an identity we’ve seen them take on time and time again this season — ending win streaks, surging for wins they have no business claiming, stifling comebacks with last-second heroics — and in this installment of Moving Pictures, we’ll recapture the magic of the Mavs’ 49-point second quarter explosion that doomed any hope of a Nets’ win.

  • Jared


  • tcat75

    thanks. that quarter was ridiculous.

  • Tony

    Nicely done. Great music in that one, too.

  • Jeff S.

    That was fantastic. Both the game and the video. Contract year Dampier’s play coupled with Tim Thomas’ hustle are two things I did not see coming. Very pleased.

  • BJ


    It couldn’t happen . . . could it?

  • Vic De Zen

    Wow. Great work. I didn’t watch the game, this was more than enough. What a quarter.

  • Crawford

    This video is not working on google chrome or internet explorer for me… vimeo seems to work better, but looks like others saw it. Love the installments.