Heard It Through the Grapevine

Posted by Rob Mahoney on December 9, 2009 under xOther | 3 Comments to Read

  • No formal recap again, I don’t quite have time to do it justice (hooray for finals!). But for those of you still looking to get your Mavs-Suns fix, check back tomorrow for some video content.
  • There’s no rush to get Josh Howard back into the starting lineup, which could mean more starting opportunities for J.J. Barea.
  • Will Cantrell of Bright Side of the Sun makes an astute observation: in terms of the box score, last night’s game really could not have been any more even.
  • Rick Carlisle on the back-up PG rotation now that Josh Howard is back logging minutes at the 2 (via Eddie Sefko): “It’s going to be competitive between Roddy and J.J. for minutes…That’s great for those guys. It’ll make them better and make our team better.” It’s going to be hard for Beaubois to prove he deserves the burn with just table scraps of playing time.
  • The Mavs once allowed the Suns to get the upper hand by refusing to foul when up three. This time the Mavs, and Jason Terry, didn’t make the same mistake. JET fouls Nash, and then intentionally misses a free throw to deny Phoenix a prime opportunity to move the ball up-court on an inbounds pass. Maybe the Suns would have made a (better) shot or maybe the wouldn’t have, but it’s a good thing that we never have to know.
  • Tim Thomas insists on making me the fool. First the turnovers, and now a Denny’s.
  • Dirk, in the face of non-basketball anxiety, is apparently a binge eater.
  • Vic De Zen

    It’s such a crime that Beaubois and Barea can’t both have significant minutes in this league right now.

  • Phil

    Just a thought: You guys probably know that if an opponent shoots after a call is made, Dirk sometimes jumps and tries to block it / swat it away. It’s some kind of routine to get guys out of rythm.
    Against the Suns, with 43sec to play in the 1st, Nash hieves a shot and Dirk jumps while shouting: “I’ll get that!!”… He then smiled and kicked the ball to the referee :)

  • http://basektballforbeginners.blogspot.com BJ

    In times of strife, go for the Mom Food. A man after my own heart.