Shake It Up, Flip the Script

Posted by Rob Mahoney on November 18, 2009 under News | 2 Comments to Read

This time around, the Mavs look to be the wounded tigers. Shawn Marion is expected to miss tonight’s game with an ankle injury, Erick Dampier will miss the game while recovering from his undisclosed illness, and Josh Howard still has no timetable for return. Quinton Ross and Drew Gooden are projected to start in place of Marion and Damp, but their upgrade to the starting lineup leaves the Mavs’ bench looking awfully thin.

But hey, who needs those guys? The Mavs should replace their production and then some with the grand Maverick introduction of the living legend himself, Tim Thomas. Fit those championship rings, because our savior is here!

A head nod to Eddie Sefko.

  • Noakj11

    Heyy i need the script ASAP please

  • lynsey crabtree

    The script for Casper meets wendy is that the witches are screaming for ghosts.But the script for Witches vs Werewolves say that the witches are screaming for wolves that near them and a attack.