Moving Pictures: Team Defense

Posted by Rob Mahoney on November 9, 2009 under Video | 29 Comments to Read

Dirk Nowitzki’s incredible one-man fourth quarter comeback against the Utah Jazz will go down as one of the finest performances in franchise history, but Dirk’s brilliance overshadowed another impressive showing by the Mavs’ defense. In the first installment of Moving Pictures, we’ll take a look at some of the key stops Dallas made during their fourth quarter run, the very stops that enabled Dirk and the Mavs to pull off an unlikely victory.

  • Vic De Zen

    Fantastic. Don’t know what else to say. Keep ‘em coming, this is awesome.

  • Jack

    This is great game breakdown. Throw some madden tv arrows in and it would be perfect. More of these and you may wind up being my home page:) go mavs!

  • Victor

    oh you would put an explosions song. that is so rob.

  • adam

    nice feature. really well done. EITS can make anyone look good, though. ;)

  • 1st

    Very nice. How long did it take to make the video?

  • Varner

    Ah, great. Now you’ve just upped the game. Damn you.

  • Phil

    GREAT work Rob, funny to hear your voice for the first time :) good quality,nice background music, great topic / clips. But I figured you should speak closer to the microphone (and no,this doesnt work out if I simply increase the volume). Besides that: great effort!

    • Rob Mahoney

      Thanks for all the love, everyone. Much appreciated.

      @Phil: Noted.

      @1st: Took awhile, but mostly because I needed to figure out iMovie and run through the voiceovers a few times. Hopefully this process will be faster and faster, though.

      @Jack: I wanted to do just that, and I’m looking into it. Could take some tinkering, but hopefully I’ll figure out a way.

  • Tony2Nice

    “Every improbable comeback takes two teams.”

    Nicely done video.

  • Kevin

    Nice, not so sure about the music though, a little too “where caring happens”. One thing this makes me think is we need to keep Damp as the starter even after Gooden is back. With Howard in the starting lineup we should have enough offense and Damp does a ton of little things that help the team win.

  • finzent

    Great stuff!

    Especially liked the scene with Terry. Maybe he has improved defensively after all…

  • gvil

    Agree that the vid is great; the speed was just about perfect. Enough time to take in everything without need for pauses.
    Thanks for your work!

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  • arno

    high quality

  • David

    Love it! Really great stuff!

  • Phil

    “He faked, he juked, he created contact, he nailed jumpers, he stuck layups, and he shot free throws…” …AND HE WAS BEING GUARDED BY MEHMET OKUR!!!

  • Potts

    Well done! You go Rob! Love those Mavs!!!

  • Chu

    Great Video. Go Mavs!

  • Brian D

    Wonderful post Rob. I’d be thrilled to see more of these. Also, I look forward to hearing you narrate documentaries.

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  • BJ

    I was there with the Painted Fans. Frackin’ awesome. And thank you for the breakdown; this is helpful. And fun. :-D

  • Sean

    That was awesome man, keep it up!

  • calvin

    nice enunciation, great work though

  • Cynthia

    Really good work Rob. As a MFFL I appreciate all the hard work and time you put into this. Thanks again!

  • Tony

    Awesome video. Great analysis and presentation. Keep up the excellent work, Rob!

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  • Inside NBA

    Nice One !