Moving Pictures: Dirk, Transcendent

Posted by Rob Mahoney on November 19, 2009 under Video | 14 Comments to Read

There are huge Maverick performances, and then there are huge Maverick performances against the Spurs. Dirk Nowitzki has made a habit of both, and on Wednesday night, he reminded the Spurs, their fans, and the entire league that anyone who expects this Mavs team to roll over and die is sorely mistaken. In this installment of Moving Pictures, we’ll briefly discuss the nature of the Mavs-Spurs rivalry before letting Dirk’s game do the talking.

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  • Kevin

    much better music this time, mogwai? well done yet again with the pictures. not to nitpick a great performance by Dirk but it would have been nice to see him go to the rack a little more on Bonner in the first few quarters instead of just raising up for the jumper everytime, he could’ve have taken his efficiency from great to otherworldly with a coulple extra trips to the line.

    • Rob Mahoney

      @Kevin: The music is still Explosions in the Sky, just with a bit of a different feel than before.

  • BJ

    I think the Organization’s tripped to the same idea you have; that if the Mavericks are anything this year, it’s spirit crushers. I was at the game and one of the video blurbs was of a sprite wearing 41 taking down a bad guy and smashing him when said bad guy is laid out on the ground.

  • quietsavant

    Dirk, is simply Dirk. A player of his own right and he walks a line very few in the nba ever will

  • Seth C

    Beautifully done.

  • Rhett

    I do a bit of video editing, photoshopping, kind of stuff as a hobby. I have a sadly realistic idea of how much time you have spent with this and I say to you: well done. Feel good about yourself.
    I enjoy how you are really working to put basketball games into their ‘context’.

  • Guynes

    I like this one Rob! Dirk’s game against the Spurs was just nasty. He’s reminding us that we are watching something that we won’t see again in basketball probably for our entire lifetime.

  • Bjoern

    Hey Rob! Nice one. But the slow part of the music does not blend well with your voice. Sounds a bit pathetic. Maybe you could give the tuned down original game sound a try?

  • Vic De Zen

    Amazing work again.

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  • Statcenter on Twitter

    Great, great work.

  • Tony

    Excellent job again.

  • Gill

    Anyone know which Explosions in the Sky song that is?