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  • Ross Siler of the Salt Lake Tribune: “For all the available options to slowing a player on an (admittedly) unstoppable roll, the Jazz seemingly explored few alternatives, not even mustering a token hard foul. They stuck with Okur and Carlos Boozer on Nowitzki, even with Andrei Kirilenko and Paul Millsap offering other options. Kyrylo Fesenko even matched up against Nowitzki in the first half and seemed to frustrate him with his size and physicality. The Jazz also opted not to double-team Nowitzki upon catching the ball or all-out denying him the ball in the first place. Sloan said he thought the Jazz would leave shooters open by double-teaming and that Nowitzki would get the ball no matter how much denying. …Okur said he could have done more to try to deny Nowitzki the ball and that he was making a concerted effort to pressure Nowitzki at the top of the floor, to avoid giving him open looks at the kind of jumpers he torched the Jazz with last season. …The Jazz additionally could have considered a zone defense, to at least deny Nowitzki those easy drives down the lane. They could have given Nowitzki different looks with different defenders, hanging and draping themselves all over the former NBA MVP. Anything to break his rhythm, including calling timeouts. In contrast to Dallas coach Rick Carlisle, who called one timeout Tuesday after his team gave up consecutive baskets, Sloan is not predisposed the same way.”
  • Mark Cuban on Dirk’s performance (via Evan Grant): “Best [I've seen] in a regular season [game] by far.”
  • Proposed trade in Jazz-land: Carlos Boozer for a can of tuna.
  • Click here to see the visual representation of Dirk going NOVA.
  • But if you’re more of a reader, Matt Moore explains just how impressive Dirk’s performance was: “[Dirk]’s release point is so high it’s insane to think he’s ever been blocked. It’s like lining up a missile. But tonight, that was just part of it. He was unconscious, which is a key element of going Nova. You have to have that flow where you’re just scoring. Not thinking, not analyzing, not deciding, just getting buckets. And Nowitzki did everything. Random loose ball ends up in his hands for a fading three? Yes. Slide off the off-ball screen and grab the inlet pass off the glass? Indeed. Stop pull-ups with a little bit of fade in the key? Danke. You almost half to feel bad for the Jazz. Almost. 29 points in the fourth quarter, 40 points total, with 5 blocks. And a reminder that when Nowitzki is in that zone, that level, he can take a game that you feel is on lockdown to absolute disaster. Don’t look away. It’ll hurt more if you don’t see it coming.”
  • Rick Carlisle on Dirk’s performance (via Eddie Sefko): “I put it up there with a lot of the stuff [Larry] Bird pulled off. …And some of the all-time greats. It was just phenomenal. And the rest of the guys knew where to get the ball and how to feed off him. It was something to behold.”
  • InsideCorner, D Magazine’s sports blog, is no longer with us. Frown town.
  • But InsideCorner alum Zac Crain did hijack D’s FrontBurner blog to drop the most topical 2006 quote you’re likely to read this season.
  • Mike Fisher puts a spotlight on the difference between the Mavs of this year and yesteryear: “The evidence is clear: Last year’s team shot well enough to win 50. … but used its shooting ability as a crutch, and when its shot failed it, Dallas lost. [With] Team Carlisle 2.0, and the early evidence [is] that the Mavs can push, shove, grind, grit, run, hustle and plow their way to wins even while clanging their shots.”
  • 1st

    Rob, could you check out when the last time was someone had a 40points 10 rebounds 5 steals 5 blocks 0 turnover line?

  • 1st

    make that assists, not steals… anyway 40-10-5-5-0….

    • http://www.thetwomangame.com Rob Mahoney

      @1st: As far as I can tell, the 40-10-5-5-0 line has only happened one other time in the modern era: David Robinson, in 1996, had a 40-point, 11-rebound, 5-assist, 5-block, 0-turnover night in a 10-point loss to the Lakers.


  • 1st

    and if you scratch in the 2 steals? Robinson had one steal that night(says the boxscore)

    of course, better performances have to be included

    so 40+ 10+ 5+ 5+ 2+ 0…..has not been done in the nba before?

    • http://www.thetwomangame.com Rob Mahoney

      @1st: Nope. Add in the steals qualifier, and Dirk is the only player to log that stat line.

  • Cynthia

    I watch a ton of basketball. (and Yep, I am a girl) I absolutely love the game. And I absolutely love my team. There are not enough adjetives to describe Dirks performance last night. Amazing, Spectacular, Awesome, Great, Otherworldly, Outstanding…I could go on. It irks me to no freakin end to read the negative things people say about Dirk (go to the MAVS blog on the dallasnews.com if you want to wallow in the negative crap). I cannot for the life of me understand how a fan of the game could NOT APPRECIATE what Dirk brings every single night. They say “yeah, but he doesn’t do this in the playoffs”. THAT could not be further from the truth. Dirk (in the playoffs) has career averages of 25/11. There are only 4 other players in NBA history who averaged that. (Go to dallasbasketball.com for whom). And even with this stupendous performance Dirk is still humble, still classy. I am (and always have been) in awe of the man. Every single MAVS fan should be. And even if you are just a fan of the game and not a MAVS fan, if you don’t appreciate what that man did……then why bother even watching?

  • Kevin

    Completely agree Cynthia, to me all the down talk on Dirk stems from the fact that he was considered a no defense jump-shooter when he came into the league. Even though he’s become a decent defender and has basically every offensive weapon now people don’t watch enough to get past the stereotype. Even tonight Hubie Brown was stunned that he was spending a lot of the game inside the 3 pt line even though he’s only shot like 3/game since Nash left.

    i wanted to sob like nancy kerrigan after tonight’s game against new orleans.