They Were Giants

Posted by Rob Mahoney on October 26, 2009 under Previews | Be the First to Comment

My preview of the league at large (which is so large that it becomes small) is up on TrueHoop. Here’s an excerpt:

In ages long since past, basketballers walked as men. But they were not men. One was Magic. One was a Bird. Others were giants or Warriors, another a sky-walker with a powerful will and a golden touch. They were the NBA’s true immortals, and they reshaped the league in their image.

Then came the collapse, when gods of the hardwood were quickly replaced with false prophets. The gilded succeeded the golden, and mortal after mortal fell short in the remarkable shadows of the greats.

I think I feel a Harold Miner joke coming on.

But that age of mere men is coming to a close. The NBA is entering a mythological renaissance, as a meteoric rise in talent coincides with intriguing narratives to fuel the ever-expanding hype machine. The best and brightest are not only superstars, but basketball figures with transformative potential. Olympians in their own right, this elite group has the opportunity to shape not only the NBA, but American sports at large.

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