Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Posted by Rob Mahoney on October 21, 2009 under Previews | 2 Comments to Read

FanHouse has been absolutely on fire with their “supplementary” season previews, a “Player to Watch” feature. As part of their Mavs preview, blogging hegemon Tom Ziller highlighted Jason Terry’s incredible shooting efficiency:

Image by Tom Ziller/AOL Fanhouse.

Ziller explains:

How Terry produces so efficiently provides an interesting twist. Unlike most guards who push the True Shooting meter to its greatest heights — like Nash, Chauncey Billups and Kevin Martin — Terry hasn’t been an elite three-point shooter over the past two seasons, nor does he draw fouls at any notable level. Terry is just a murderous shooter on long two-pointers. Terry led the league in two-point jumper shooting last year, hitting 49.2 percent of his myriad attempts from that depth. The so-called “mid-range” shot is death to many offenses, but that’s because the wrong players usually take them. That’s not the case in Dallas, where Terry and Nowitzki take most of the team’s long twos … and hit them more regularly than most of the league. (Nowitzki finished sixth in two-point jumper shooting last season.)

Matt Moore also offers a level-headed assessment of the 2009-2010 Mavs, putting emphasis on Dallas finding an early rhythm:

It has become popular nowadays to take a movie or idea that was popular 20 years ago and revitalize it, tweaking it for a more modern touch, in order to attract both new and old audiences. It incorporates the base elements of the original and then features a modern “twist” in order to seem “hip.”

In a lot of ways, that’s the story of the 2009-10 Dallas Mavericks. They’re not the same old Mavericks, but they’re not the new Mavericks either

…What’s going to be the difference maker for the Mavericks this season will be how this team finds its rhythm. As opposed to prior years where the Mavericks have taken too long to discover their chemistry, this year’s squad needs come out and figure out who they are on both sides of the ball early. It’s OK if that means that Marion is playing more of the role he has with other teams lately, but the Mavericks need to know. It’s okay if J.J. Barrea has an off year and can’t reliably fill in at the point, but the Mavericks need to know.

  • Brayden

    Is that title referring to the Ben Lee song?

    • Rob Mahoney

      @Brayden: Nah. Just a natural progression of Moore’s “something old, something new” formula.