Micro, Macro

Posted by Rob Mahoney on October 20, 2009 under News, Roster Moves | Read the First Comment

News all around this afternoon.

First, the Mavs have taken a step towards resolving their roster quandary. Nathan Jawai has been shipped to the Wolves for a future second round pick, though the year and protection on the pick have yet to be unveiled.

It makes sense from all angles. Despite the Mavs’ lack of depth at center, Jawai’s inexperience and defensive limitations made him expendable. Shawne Williams, on the other hand, while likely less attractive to the Mavs than Jawai, has a NBA rap sheet and a larger deal. Unfortunately for Jawaibberwocky (and possibly Jake Voskuhl), those two factors make Williams an awfully difficult sell to opposing GMs.

But the news of greater import: According to Marc Stein and Chris Sheridan, the referee lockout could be coming to a close. There’s nothing concrete as of yet, but any movement between the league and the refs is a cue for smile time. The replacement refs have done their jobs admirably, but if every regular season game turns into a television miniseries with periodic journeys to and from the foul line, things could turn dour.

  • http://nbamavsfan.blogspot.com/ Hesh Hambazaza

    The latest news is it is a 2011 top 55 pick. I doubt we’ll be seeing it anytime soon.