Heard It Through the Grapevine

Posted by Rob Mahoney on October 13, 2009 under xOther | 3 Comments to Read

  • Is J.J. Barea one of the top five back-up point guards in the league? I don’t think that’s a stretch of the imagination by any means. But I’m going to need a harder drink (gasoline?) if you’re going to convince me that Anthony Carter is a super-sub. Anyone heard of Nate Robinson? Jarrett Jack? I’d even prefer youngsters like D.J. Augustin, Shaun Livingston, or Jonny Flynn over Carter.
  • We’ve known for awhile that Shawne Williams was on the proverbial outs, but he may find himself out in a more literal sense very soon.
  • Jawai, Voskuhl, and Williams: now entering the Thunderdome.
  • Victor

    Fine with JJB and Miller (although I have this weird feeling Miller AND Iverson will be starting).
    Honestly though, JJB seems like the only legit good backup PG on that list.
    Where’s Jarrett Jack? Earl Watson? Most importantly–Where’s Rafer Alston!?

  • william head

    so timely on the take about barea… read on a comments section somewhere that “barea isn’t a legit backup pg.” at first i just ignored it bc it was written by a laker fan and was cited as the reason the mavs would suck (bc, you know, shannon brown & jordan farmar are clearly the players that elevate LA above the competition).
    but then i started thinking about it, and stopped just short of yr conclusion… he might not be top 5, but he is a legit top 8.
    having said that, my heart would not break to see Cuffs get some of barea’s burn, especially early on in games. considering he is every bit as dynamic as the top drafted pgs (and in some cases, more) it is clear he has a higher ceiling than jj, and i would be very disappointed if carlisle’s rotations did not include him every night.
    everyone thinks they know what the mavs bring to the table- critics have accounted for the additions of marion and gooden, and the consensus is that they are not as valuable as the additions of jefferson and mcdyess (this is debateable). and while rookies like blair and flynn and evans have been factored into their respective teams’ outlooks, beaubois has been largely ignored as an ingredient* for dallas (*it’s starting to look like you could say the same thing about kris humphries).
    it’s like in one of the lethal weapons where they think they killed riggs- it’s a secret, um, weapon (synonym fail) that really could shore up what i think is our major weakmess (keeping up with fast or strong pgs).
    yr thoughts.

    • http://www.thetwomangame.com Rob Mahoney

      @William: Prepare to be disappointed. I’m very high on Beaubois, and I think he’s got some serious star potential if his development goes as planned. But these things take time. He’s a rookie and a young one at that, and with the depth that the Mavs have at PG, I wouldn’t count on Roddy for anything more than spot PG duty. If there are injuries or foul trouble, he could see big minutes in some games. But don’t count on Beaubois cutting into Barea’s minutes just yet, especially after the strides J.J. made last year.