Heard It Through the Grapevine

Posted by Rob Mahoney on October 5, 2009 under xOther | 5 Comments to Read

  • Don’t forget to tune into the Mavs’ first pre-season game tonight against the Orlando Magic. It should be good times. (Check out Ben Q. Rock’s (of Third Quarter Collapse) game preview here.
  • I’ve been trying to find a fun way to dissect John Hollinger’s Mavs preview, but I’ve got nothing. So for those of you with ESPN Insider, have at it. For those in the cold, here’s the gist: “The Mavericks won 50 games last season and made several upgrades to the roster by acquiring Marion, Gooden, Humphries, Thomas, Ross and Beaubois. Those additions should help offset the unfortunate loss of Bass and the age issues that are creeping up nearly everywhere, but I’m not sure it does anything more than that. They’ll win more than they lose because they have Nowitzki and a decent supporting cast, as well as a coach in Carlisle who excels at optimizing his roster. However, it’s hard to imagine them playing much better than they did a year ago. Plus, the Mavs are unlikely to be as fortunate in close games as they were last season, which is likely to cost them a couple of games in the standings. The one wild card is what the Mavs might do with the contracts of Dampier and Gooden, as those may still be converted into another star. Such a move could push Dallas into the West’s elite, and the possibility can’t be discounted given how many teams are looking to shed salary while the Mavs seek to add it. Short of such a development, however, the Mavs are neither young enough nor deep enough to hang with the top teams in this conference. Based on the current roster, it looks like another year at the tail end of the West’s playoff roster and an early May tee time. 47-35, 3rd in Southwest Division, 7th in Western Conference.”
  • Your daily “Did You Know?”: Rick Carlisle was on the committee that brought about some of the new instant replay changes (via TrueHoop).
  • The Mavs were 7-27 last season when they didn’t shoot 45%. Ouch.
  • Mark Cuban on the Lakers’ addition of Ron Artest (via Tim MacMahon): “I tell you what, now that they’ve got Ron Artest, I couldn’t think of anything better…If you would have said, what one player — and I’ll get killed over this — what one player would you like to see on the Lakers? Ron Artest…Could you imagine? Ron Artest has got the ball, and Kobe’s standing there, ‘Throw me the ball.’ Thank you, Ron Artest…I think he’ll add some character to that team…Whether it will be positive or negative will be interesting to see.”
  • Artest’s response? (via Broderick Turner of the LA Times) “I talked to Kobe [Bryant] about it…He said that’s what happens when you’re a Laker.” Well played, Crazy Pills.
  • This can only be a good thing: Kevin McHale working with Dirk Nowitzki.
  • A late addition, but Henry’s Wayne Winston series at TrueHoop has finally come to a close. The third post doesn’t disappoint: Winston praises Tim Thomas, talks Blazers and Lakers, and claims he’s never talked to Mark Cuban on the phone. And in the final installment, Winston has this to say about Rick Carlisle: “We looked at every player that was traded to a coach’s team. We looked at their rating the year before in our system and then how they did when that coach got them. And look at the difference. Carlisle crushed everybody. We sent that to Mark [Cuban] and a week later he hired Carlisle. (And I think he said that was part of it — it wasn’t the whole thing.) But it wasn’t close. He was at least two standard deviations better than average. He jumped out and there was nobody else close. He kicked everybody’s butt on that.” All well and good, though I’ll never accept the use of the word “butt” in such an unsarcastic manner.
  • Shawn Marion didn’t disappoint at the intra-squad scrimmage during Fan Jam.
  • preet

    i think hollinger is being a little bit harsh, we’re still a 50 win team. i have my fingers crossed that we can turn dampier into something that can equal the pau gasol trade from 2 years ago. if that happens we will push the lakers and spurs very hard.

  • preet

    also i feel that houston has gotten worse, and new orleans and phoenix and utah havnt upgraded heavily… i rkn we will battle it out for 3rd, 4th and 5th with portland and denver.

  • David

    That’s beyond strange that Hollinger would rank the Mavs at 7. Who does he have listed before us? LA, Spurs, Denver, Portland, and then who? New Orleans, Houston, and Phoenix will all take a big dip in my eyes. None of the teams have the depth that the mavs do and none of them got any better, while the mavs actually did.

    I disagree with Hollinger alot due to him constantly burning the Mavs.

  • Brayden

    Hollinger seems to have a strange love affair with the Jazz.

  • Andrew

    You gotta love Hollinger. “Team won 50 games last year…made significant upgrades…will win less games and do worse”…