Dear Chatty Cathy

Posted by Rob Mahoney on October 16, 2009 under Previews | 9 Comments to Read

I know that you, dear readers, think all day and dream all night of chatting with me on the internet. And I’m here to make that deep-seeded desire come true. On Monday (Oct. 19th) at 2:30 CST, Marc Stein and I will be fielding Mavs questions as part of’s NBA preview. The chat will be archived and posted here for those that can’t make it, but I encourage everyone else to pencil me in for a 30-minute block on Monday.

So come, one come all. Tell your friends, loved ones, acquaintances, nemeses, barbers, and soothsayers. Good times will be had.

  • Javier M.

    Hi Rob. Wanted to contact you directly, but I’ll go ahead and post here. My site has a petition going for the University of Arizona to retire Jason Terry’s jersey No. 31. The entry as you click on the link describes the background as to why the UA has not recognized thus far Terry for its Hall of Fame and to retire his jersey number. I thought the Mavs fans might be interested. Thanks.

  • JeffAtValleyRanch

    Thanks for chatting with the Mavs Preview and turning out to know less about the Mavs than my grandmother.

    • Rob Mahoney

      Sure thing, Jeff. Your grandmother sounds like a hip lady.

  • Brian D

    Don’t listen to the hater Rob, we love you.

  • william head

    i have discovered the gap between our assessments of beaubois: you are selling his potential very short. tony parker with range? yr joking right? we’ve been throwing alley oops to roddy (and starting him at the 2) and yr comparing him to a man who can’t jump over a toaster.
    the only thing parker does exceedingly well is get to the hole to get his shot, but saying that plus range doesn’t account for physical attributes that beaubois possesses (and the overall effectiveness those attributes create). you have a guy with tony parker quicks, the length of a 2 or 3 man, 3 pt range, and the ability to get into the paint and finish at the rim with or without the ball.
    put it like this: everyone agrees d.rose is gonna be the bomb when he gets a j, yet here we have a guy every bit as quick with bigger hops who can already shoot the rock, so why would you not think he could be every bit as dominant at his position? why not say derrick rose with 3 ball range, but not quite the passer.
    or, “think barbosa with better handles”.
    that gives a much more accurate picture of the athleticism he has.
    and yeah i realize saying tony parker with range is no insult, but it also suggests that he’s got to suck for a couple years before he’s any good, whereas my assessment is that anybody who can bring his athleticism and skill set to the pg position can contribute right away on any team. you think the lakers wouldn’t give him a chance to beat out farmar or brown? you think the celtics wouldn’t find some burn for him behind rondo (of course they would, they did it WITH rondo).
    you contend that he won’t see time on a veteran team. i counter that
    a veteran team is exactly the kind of team a rookie can play with bc they will recognize and check those mistakes in game, allowing the rookie to grow infinitely more than watching.
    put it to you like this: on a center strapped team supposedly rich at the perimeter, the beaubois roster spot has long been safe, while a young 7 footer with little salary is not. roddy fills a need for this team this year. i believe that’s why he was drafted and made the team, and i expect that he will be given the opportunity to fill that void.
    rereading this now two things are clear: i am obsessed and should start the Free Roddy blog immediately.

  • jiri01

    Nice one, Rob! Enjoyed to read your statements.
    Greetings from Germany

  • Phil

    William, you’re last sentence was quite important…
    now that you realized your obsession, comparing roddy with the likes of parker,barbosa or rose is, in my opinon, not the way we should talk about our latest first rounder (there hasnt been too many of them lately). He might have the TALENT to become a great player, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to rip everybody apart during the next seasons. In fact, maybe a guy called gerald green rings a bell, he once was known for being a great scorer, having a three ball and RIDICOULUS athleticism… where is he now?

    let’s just enjoy the kid and let him develop slowly but nicely, huh?

  • william head

    @ phil….
    i hear you… but the question from the live chat was about his potential ceiling, regardless of overall time frame, and ceiling suggests athletic and skill set potential maximized, which is what i was mainly alluding to with the comparisons.

  • Phil

    @ in this light,william, lets hope your statement will become reality :)