The Clothes Make the Man

Posted by Rob Mahoney on September 21, 2009 under News, Rumors | 5 Comments to Read

The official unveiling of the Mavs’ new alternate uniforms is later today, but the first look at the new duds may have leaked on the team’s online store:

(Image removed)
Image via the NBA Off-Season 2009 Tumblr.

Obviously this isn’t official as of yet, so stay tuned throughout the day for the official news regarding the jersey and such. But initial reaction: thumbs up.

EDIT: Mike Fisher has another possibility available, that looks strikingly similar to the Green unis. No word on which one is f’real as of yet, so stay frosty, people.

Image from Bild, via

EDIT, Redux: It’s been confirmed at the Mavs’ press conference, the second design is the new look.

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  • Chaz

    Looks pretty cool on its own. Hopefully on a player and depending how the shorts look, it will still look so cool.

  • Victor


    I’ve been hearing it’s just an alternate road uni…And I hope it stays that way. Personally, I like the P. Diddy green more as an alternate.

    And I like the midnight blue ones a lot. I know people think it’s boring, but to me, it’s classic.

  • Victor has a different potential new alternate uni. I like this one a lot more. Although it kinda just looks like the Diddy ones w/ the green replaced by royal blue though.

  • Phil

    haha, nice one rob! you quoted the no.1 gossip newspaper in germany! in the first sentence it says: “The Americans get to see it on Monday afternoon, but we already have it”… :)