News: I’m With You, Too

Posted by Rob Mahoney on September 14, 2009 under News, Roster Moves | 3 Comments to Read

The Mavs already have a legion under their employ without the roster spots to accommodate them, but that didn’t stop Donnie and Mark from finalizing the details a new deal with James Singleton.  Sending James on his merry wouldn’t have caused the ship to sink, but having him around as an extra lifesaver is definitely comforting.

All indications point to a deal of the one-year, $1 million-ish variety, which is great value for a player with Singleton’s heart.  James has a tendency to succeed in the roles that he’s given, and even if he has to forcibly pry minutes from the hands of other front-court players, I’m still happy to see such a quality player back in a Maverick uniform.

Marc Stein’s column on notes in the sidebar that Singleton ranked 2nd in win shares among players with 1,000 minutes or fewer.  Groovy.

  • BK

    I’m happy about Singleton, but now I guess there is the bad news to report on.
    1)Buckner is getting waived, meaning that what was supposed to be a great asset in bringing in a rotation player is going away.
    2)Tim Thomas injured his knee in a pickup game. Unknown how bad it is, but this sucks knowing that it happened. It doesn’t matter if you like Thomas or not, he is a Mav now and I am disappointed he’s hurt. Here’s hoping it isn’t bad.

  • Andrew

    Singleton only does good things.

    Of course, he won’t PLAY, but…

  • Cynthia

    Glad to see James back! What I love about James is the fact that he’s always ready to play even if it’s sporatic playing time. There’s not a lot of players in the league who can come in a game and contribute after (sometimes) sitting out several games in a row. And there’s damn sure not many who do so with the same great attitude that Singleton displays. Imop you cannot have enough players with qualities like that.