Heard It Through the Grapevine

Posted by Rob Mahoney on September 29, 2009 under xOther | 2 Comments to Read

  • Does anyone else see this picture and think barbershop quartet?
  • Is there a better way to start the new season than to relive petty, forgettable memories from the previous one? Kenyon Martin doesn’t think so.
  • Is Devin Harris really the 24th best player in the league? I mean…really? (Just a few that SLAM chose to rank as inferior to Harris: Vince Carter, Rajon Rondo, Caron Butler, Manu Ginobili, Carlos Boozer, Gilbert Arenas, and obviously many, many more.)
  • Tim MacMahon noted a leaner, more refreshed Dirk at Media Day, which is plenty of reason for optimism. Nowitzki has no reputation for reporting out of shape, but to see Dirk return from a restful summer and still slim down will only help his mobility on both ends: “For the first time in a long time, Dirk looks forward to the grind of training camp. That’s partially because he didn’t play for the German international team this summer, a mutual decision he made with Mark Cuban. He didn’t touch a basketball for nine weeks before getting back in the gym with mentor/personal coach Holger Geschwindner. Don’t take that as a sign that Dirk didn’t work hard this summer. He dropped about a dozen pounds, weighing in at 243 pounds, the lightest he’s been since the early years of his NBA career. He slimmed down in anticipation of the Mavs playing at one of the fastest paces among NBA teams. ‘I feel good,’ Dirk said. ‘I think I’m moving pretty well. It should be fun.’”
  • If you chug some cough syrup and watch this video, you’d probably think you’re at Media Day.
  • Dirk’s assessment of the off-season moves, via Marc Stein: “I’m really looking forward to meeting all the new guys because we made some good moves. Obviously I think [Shawn] Marion can help us on both ends of the floor, address some [of Dallas' lack of] athletic ability. I think [Quinton] Ross is going to be able to guard some scoring 2s that have given us trouble. I think [Drew] Gooden is a nice piece. Tim Thomas gives us more shooting, which we need…I’m fired up. I’m ready to get this whole thing started. I’m ready to focus on having a great season.”
  • Mike Fisher from DallasBasketball.com listed a series of “off-beat” items from Media Day. Among them was a nugget that hopefully represents the camraderie that all great teams seem to have: “In a very short time – maybe a week of pickup games – JJ Barea, Kris Humphries and Matt Carroll have become pals. It’s also clear to me that Erick Dampier and Drew Gooden have a buddy-buddy chemistry that belies the competition they are about to engage in. Oh, and every time Dirk and Shawn Marion were in the same vicinity, they were always giggling about something or other. In fact, The Matrix behaves as if all his new teammates are actually old frat brothers, especially when it comes to poking fun at their advanced ages. The topper: When he insists that Erick Dampier has an endorsement deal with Rogaine.”
  • Shawne Williams is apparently not with the team, and the Mavs are looking to trade him.
  • Brian D

    I see Rob has partaken in some dextromethorphan consumption.

  • Kevin

    I’d say Gilbert at 34 is a lot sketchier than Harris at 24. Dude hasn’t played in like 2 years.