Heard It Through the Grapevine

Posted by Rob Mahoney on September 22, 2009 under xOther | 2 Comments to Read

  • Tim Thomas’ arthroscopic surgery was a success, but no timetable has been set for his return. There was much rejoicing. (Related: Mike Fisher catches up with Tim Thomas after yesterday’s press conference.)
  • The Mavs have run rampant all over Kelly Dwyer’s off-season top ten lists, with Dirk being the latest addition as the 8th most impressive statistical season (’05-’06) of the decade: “Stuck on a team playing the fourth-slowest pace of any in the NBA that season, it’s kind of tough to truly appreciate just how potent Dirk was. Kind of tough. He averaged 26.6 points, nine rebounds, 2.8 assists, 1.7 combined blocks/steals and this is the biggie — 1.9 turnovers per game. To be able to rely on a superstar, someone who will touch the ball on possession after possession after possession, to cough it up only 1.9 times a game? That wins games. Dirk was tops in win shares and player efficiency rating that season. Yes, ahead of Kobe.”
  • A glimpse of the possible future of Dallas-Frisco basketball relations.
  • New faces, new/old alternate unis. I do like the new blue threads, but couldn’t we have shown a bit more creativity? The Mavs have been promoting their new-look alternate uniforms since the late stages of the summer, and though they do look nice, they show all the ingenuity of a MS Paint fill tool.
  • Tom Ziller and Matt Moore talk Mavs, but ultimately cave to the temptations of a Magic-Cavs discussion. Still, the theme of their Mavs-centric bit is evident: the Mavs are very versatile, and have plenty of lineup options.
  • Jared

    From that FanHouse article:

    “That small lineup of Kidd-Terry-Howard-Marion-Dirk features their best five players. Yet they can’t run with that except in very particular situations because they’ll be absolutely murdered on the glass. ”

    Um….what???? Terry is the only below average rebounder in that lineup, and in Kidd and Marion you have two of the very elite rebounders at their positions.

    That comment doesn’t make any sense.

  • Cynthia

    Comments from the media (outside of this blog and dallasbasketball.com and maaaybe Mark Stein) NEVER make any sense. You read the article on si.com? The one where whoever said that Dallas had significantly improved this off season…so much so that they WON’T get any better and will win LESS games this season than last? Dumbasses, I tell ya…the lot of them are dumbasses. And to think these idiots actually get PAID to write this garbage! It reminds me of a Howard Stern show I was listening to once. I was living in California at the time, the OJ Simpson trial was going on and Howard had someone out on the streets asking people “guilty or innocent”. Of course Howard being Howard and LOVING to stir up crap mostly they were asking black people the question. THE question was asked to a young black women, college educated who sounded very intelligent until she answered the question. And her answer to quilty or innocent was….”there is just too much evidence AGAINST OJ for him to be guilty.” Come to think of it….Maybe this lady is now writing about the MAVS on fanhouse or better still….writes for SI.