Bigger News: The Anticlimax

Posted by Rob Mahoney on September 14, 2009 under News, Roster Moves | 3 Comments to Read

As somewhat of a footnote on the Mavs’ release regarding the addition of James Singleton, the Mavs have put Greg Buckner on waivers.  Thus ends the mini saga/purgatory/daydream of turning Buckner’s contract into something constructive.  It was fun while it lasted, but it seems that Greg Buckner’s “instantly expiring” contract (for those not in the know, Buckner’s deal was worth over $4 million in a trade, but only $1 million of that salary was guaranteed if Buckner were to be waived — hence the motive to waive Buck) will bear no value that can’t be measured in dollars.

There’s no Stephen Jackson to be had, but waiving Buckner does at least make an attempt at solving the roster problem.  What was 17 players trying to fit into 15 spots is now 16, and a trade involving Buck would possibly have only compounded the logjam and piled up salary.  Instead, the Mavs have but one decision to make while saving Mark Cuban a pretty penny.  Waiving Buckner was always an option, and you can’t blame the Mavs for cashing in on the savings.

  • PhillyMav

    What implication does this have for the value of a contract such as Dampier’s? Is it that the Mavs were asking too much from other teams, hoping for something like Marion? Or are the guys just snake-oil salesmen trying to raise their hits with some exaggerated claims? Note that Marion was not had for Stack’s contract: actually, he was had for half of Stack’s contract, since the Mavs got Buck back.

  • Kevin

    Isn’t the big plan for Dampier to dump him after the season? Then a team can get him and take nothing but salary relief. Also, if we want to have a chance this year we need him (unless we got a center back). Gooden can’t be counted on to play Damp’s role and Dirk struggles to defend centers.

  • Joe

    I thought for sure the Mavs were going to try to move Buck with Shawne Williams and Kris Humphries in a salary-dump trade for a good player. I was hoping for maybe Stephen Jackson or Monta Ellis. Looks like they’ll be going with what they have so far. I like this team, but I think they’re still one player away, hopefully they can swing another deal without losing any major assets.