Rumor Mongering: Bottom of the Barrel

Posted by Rob Mahoney on August 20, 2009 under Rumors | 12 Comments to Read

Doug Smith of The Star’s Raptors Blog:

According to a couple of league sources and I can’t corroborate this with any of my most trusted Toronto folks, Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo’s got another deal bubbling, one that would send guard Marcus Banks to the Dallas Mavericks for Matt Carroll…I’m warned — and therefore so are you — that the proposed transaction remains in its relative infancy and if this summer’s proven anything it’s that nothing’s done until it’s done…Banks? Well, Banks never really worked out after being obtained in the Shawn Marion trade last season. He hardly played, was mediocre when he did and then got hurt and missed about the last month of the season. He didn’t take the team’s suggestion and play in the summer league last month – although he was in Las Vegas to meet with the staff and work out – and the GM’s been trying to deal him for months.

The Mavs intentions seem purely financial, as Carroll’s deal extends two years longer (and $7.4 million over that span) than Banks’.  That I don’t mind, especially with the way Mark Cuban was willing to tack on extra payroll earlier in the summer.  I am a bit concerned by bringing in the illusion of a point guard, though; I have a history of being more confident in Banks than most, and I’ll still be the first to tell you that he isn’t worthy of a rotation spot.  He’s failed to live up to his potential at almost every turn in his career, and could muck up the point guard rotation by denying minutes to Rodrigue Beaubois.  Even if Banks is marginally better than Beaubois, the kid needs to get his reps.  I’ve got no qualms with Marcus Banks provided he doesn’t squeeze into the point guard rotation, but I’m still harboring the sneaking suspicion that he might.

  • preet

    imo i think cuban and carlisle are smart enough to not let him into the rotation to steal roddy’s minutes, the kid is our future in 3 yrs time, we need him to begin developing asap

  • jake

    DO IT CUBAN! Banks is a cancer who I hope spreads through the mavs locker room. GO RAPS GO

  • swirsky’s soldier

    If Banks couldn’t crack the miami line-up (with limited pgs) or the Raptors line up last year (who had a sg playing point after Calderon got hurt) he won’t break the line up in Dallas.

    BUT… he will be a nice trade asset next year (expiring contract).

  • Brayden

    Legitimate fears indeed, but I have a hard time believing Carlisle would let Marcus Banks crack the rotation if he didn’t let Carroll crack it. We played Barea at the shooting guard long before we played Carroll in any situation, so I cant envision us playing Banks over Barea or Roddy at the point.

  • Jeff

    It’s weird to see the Mavs making moves for the sake of savings. Can’t argue with this one, though. If a guy is not going to play then you might as well trade him for a guy who also won’t play but will instead cost a lot less. I’d rather believe Fish and his ideas on Banks being a part of something bigger and better following September 9th.

  • Vittorio De Zen

    Such a blah trade. The Raptors got the better player, but the Mavericks got the sooner-expiring-contract. Yippee.

  • Kevin

    I like it, we need to dump some money and honestly with Kidd, Barea and Jet taking the minutes at the point it’s not like Roddy would play much at all anyway. I mean we don’t want Matt Carroll anyway so if anything we could do the trade and buy out Banks.

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  • Jaredallas

    swirsky knows what’s up. buffer the DUST chip so we can afford the maxed out sign-and-Wade (oh like you wouldn’t take him).

  • benway37

    He’s Marion’s Mini-Me.

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  • jyoung44

    I would take Banks over Carroll. Banks is a solid defender that could maybe be like how Shannon Brown was for the Lakers this year. Come in, hi quick for a few weeks, and get out.