Heard It Through the Grapevine

Posted by Rob Mahoney on August 31, 2009 under xOther | 7 Comments to Read

  • Creeping into my list from Friday: Dwyer’s ranking of the top ten defenders of the decade, which includes Jason Kidd at number 8.  Kidd’s not that defender anymore, and he probably wasn’t during his first stint with the Mavs, either.  Still, give the guy his due.
  • It’s hardly news by now, but Stephen Jackson wants out of Golden State…and back in to Texas.  Jax is a Port Arthur native looking to come home, and also a quality two-way shooting guard with a big contract and apparently a distaste for the current climate in the Bay area.  More to come on Jackson’s potential place in Dallas, but on paper it would make the wings awfully crowded.
  • More on Jackson here, here, here, and here.
  • Tracy McGrady could be back sooner than initially thought.
  • The Mavs apparently talked trade with the Jazz about Carlos Boozer, but I’m almost thankful we were spared from that headache.
  • Kevin

    If the Mavs trade for Jackson they need to find a way to get Brendan Wright. I realize they’re really crowded at that spot but that kid is going to be a stud and I’ve heard Nellie wants to trade him. Would they be dumb enough to trade Jackson/Wright for Howard and a couple first rounders?

  • Cynthia

    No way would I trade J-Ho for Wacko Jacko. When healthy, I’ll take Josh Howard any day. Plus, do we really need Jackson? Think he’d be happy coming off the bench BEHIND Jason Terry? If the Mavs had not gotten Marion, I could see how Jacks would fit in, but not now. Too bad Biedrins isn’t screaming for a trade. Now him, I’d take. That is if he’s still even there. But we are way too loaded at the 2 guard for Wacko.

  • Yogi M

    Bring on Jackson. Yes, “on paper” we are crowded at the 2. But, we do not a legit 2 guard (Jet and JJ are NOT 2s) I personally think J-Ho at 2 is a mistake. Even if his offensinve production doesn’t dip, his defensive play definitely will. I just don’t buy that he can guard the likes of Kobe. We have been looking for a way to get a real shooting guard, and this is it. Pull the trigger.

  • Cynthia

    Besides the fact that personally I’m not too crazy about Jackson, I don’t see the MAVS trading Josh for him if for no other reason than purely financial. Josh (I believe) is on his last year of his contract and Wacko has 4 more years. I think given Damp’s and Josh’s expirings the MAVS can do much better next season in trading Josh than to trade him for someone like Jackson. To me, trading Josh for Jacks is more of a lateral move than anything. I don’t see how it would make the MAVS that much better. If Josh stays healthy and has a good season his trade value is far greater next summer than it is now. And if the MAVS wait and trade Josh then I think they can and will get a far better player than Stephen Jackson.

  • Yogi M

    Let me be clear. I do not think trading Josh for Stephen Jackson. However, if GS is trying to get him out and we have the opportunity to get him for cash or draft picks, I think he is someone that could help solidify the 2.

  • Kevin

    Yogi, we can’t just get him for picks because the Mavs are over the cap. We’d basically have to trade Howard or Dampier since they want an expiring contract but since that’s not a good enough trade for Dallas due to Jackson’s long, bad contract we’d try to make them throw in a young player too.

  • BK

    Fact of the matter is, we don’t have to give up J-Ho in a trade. He’s not our most tradeable asset at this time, Buckner is. Buckner and Williams works just fine.

    Really the first person the Mavs should ask about is Andris Biedrins. That guy is making $45 million over 5 years, so if the Warriors want to move salary, he is an option. Sure, the Warriors probably don’t want to move him, but if the Mavs offer to take on Jackson or Ellis also, maybe then we’re talking.

    Here’s a trade idea that was brought up on dallasbasketball.com: Buckner/Humphries/Williams/Caroll for Jackson/Biedrins. Works trade-wise, and is very lopsided for the Mavs. Why would the Warriors do it? Only for salary cap reasons. This trade would save the Warriors over $54 million. Also, Barea could be thrown in if the Warriors like him and the trade would still work.

    Fact of the matter, there is no reason to try to trade Howard initially. We have a lot of assets that are not very useful players that do the same thing in cap relief that he does, so why offer him if we may not have to?