Heard It Through the Grapevine

Posted by Rob Mahoney on August 26, 2009 under xOther | 2 Comments to Read

  • A compelling look at the office dynamics of an NBA team.  Among other things, the suggestion that when one player scores the whole team doesn’t score, and a breakdown of the effectiveness of two-person tandems versus three-man task forces.
  • Nathan Jawai, man of intrigue.
  • Shawn Marion received three votes for “Best Newcomer” in a poll among the ESPN experts.  For what it’s worth, he also one vote for “Worst Newcomer” (even if the poll seems to be more “most overstated” or “least beneficial” than “worst.”)
  • Rodrigue Beaubois’ mental training regiment, as per Mavs’ assistant Monte Mathis (via Earl K. Sneed): “I think [watching film is] just a tool to prepare Roddy to learn the system…To learn Rick’s system, offensively and defensively, to add onto all of the stuff that he learned through Summer League. And he’ll get his body and mind ready for training camp…A lot of the film work and diagram stuff we do prior to on-the-court work has to do with the mind and being consistent on the court,” Mathis said. “Being vocal on the court with his teammates, and things of that nature, where he stays consistent whether it’s offense or defense…Today we had a session where I made him be the coach. I made him tell me and call out what our next drill was going to be. It’s just a tool of getting him to be more vocal, getting him to be a leader, and getting him to take charge. He has to be constantly communicating out there if he’s going to be the point guard.”
  • The Mavs come in at #9 on Chris Mannix’s off-season power rankings for SI.com.  That I can live with, but being ranked behind the Wiz at 8?  Please.
  • Tim MacMahon will play host for a Q&A with Mark Cuban scheduled for September 15th.  Mark your calendars.
  • http://www.loveaware.org Rhett

    uhm . . . That SI ranking business. I don’t know what to say. Not normally one to hate on those type of things, but I am fairly sure that fellow pissed off a lot of people. Orlando at 5? LA at 3? SA at 1? Really? And the Wizards at 8? The f’n Wizards at 8? At 9 he says the Mavs will get 50 wins. What exactly does he expect from these Wizards?
    I hope this fellow doesn’t gamble. Or he calls me if he does become inclined to wager.
    And is that the same blogging Tim MacMahon who was banned from the locker room? Interesting. Very, very interesting . . .

  • http://projectvibe.net boogie

    man don’t sleep on the wiz…. remember how they played near the end of the season.. a full camp with arenas and the new boys… the east just got a new player.