Heard It Through the Grapevine

Posted by Rob Mahoney on August 16, 2009 under xOther | Be the First to Comment

  • Marc Stein is all over the news that Dirk won’t be playing for the German national team, and managed to nab several quotes that every Mavs fan should read.  From the top, Dirk’s take on the whole situationt: “”I’m not mad at Cubes at all,” Nowitzki said in a phone interview. “He’s been great to me these last 10, 11 years. He always let me chase my dream. And we always agreed that if I made the Olympics, it would be [time] to take a break…This time he basically told me, ‘I’d prefer if you not play.’ He kind of left it up to me. I think if I would have really kept harping on it, then he wouldn’t have tried to stop me. But I think it’s the right decision…I’m happy I’m keeping my word to him, because he kept his word to me for the last 10, 11 years.”
  • Stein notes the following on the goings-on of pro basketball: The NBA’s agreement with FIBA — basketball’s international governing body — stipulates that NBA teams cannot prevent their players from participating in international competition in the offseason as long as the players’ respective national federations can afford the requisite insurance. The exception to that rule is when a player is injured or still recovering from a documented injury, as evidenced earlier this week when the Mavericks did invoke their right to prevent reserve guard J.J. Barea from joining Puerto Rico’s national team because Barea is still recovering from shoulder surgery in late May.”
  • Dirk, on the acquisition of Shawn Marion et al this summer: “I like where we’re at. I think we made some good moves this summer. Now we’ve just got to give it some time so we can grow together.”
  • Mark Cuban, on if this issue has strained his relationship with Dirk: “Dirk and I are good with everything.”

Marc Stein, ladies and gentlemen.

  • Our friend Marcin Gortat has reportedly injured his back while playing for the Polish national team, the third injury to a notable NBA player (Tony Parker, Pau Gasol) that has happened overseas this summer.  It looks like Dirk picked the right summer to sit out. (via mavsnews)
  • Drew Gooden is a strange dude.  (via ShareBro Wyn)
  • Art Garcia talks shop with Shawn Marion, and there’s one particular item of note aside from the “guy on a new team” pleasantries: “Touches shouldn’t be a problem in Big D, where Marion is reunited with point guard Jason Kidd, whom he played with during his first two seasons in Phoenix. Coach Rick Carlisle has already promised that the Mavs will run as never before this season and added that Marion, more than anyone else, is the reason, likening the addition to ‘putting methane in the gas tank.’”
  • An good, honest debate among ball folk on who is better at this stage in their careers: Steve Nash or Jason Kidd? (via Fish at DallasBasketball.com)