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Posted by Rob Mahoney on August 10, 2009 under xOther | Read the First Comment

  • Comparing players of different eras is always a tough task, given the myriad variables that need to be accounted for.  But Neil Paine takes a stab at using a strategy from baseball analysis: rather than boiling the translation down to league-wide factors, Paine isolates team-specific factors.  The methods are still a bit ambiguous to me (even though I like the idea in theory), but here’s the part that interests you: even if you transported all the NBAers of today to 1969, the era of Wilt, Russell, and Oscar, Dirk would still be third most prolific scorer in the league (behind Wade and LeBron).  It’s all for fun, but it’s obviously more fun with a Mav near the top.
  • An…interesting picture of a young Drew Gooden.
  • Brian Lewis of the New York Post, on Jerry Stackhouse’s chances of sticking with the team: “Jerry Stackhouse came and worked out and left without an offer, as did Jason Williams. The latter is now an unrestricted free agent. As far as Stack, a source placed their odds of signing him as somewhere between ‘under 50-50 and longshot.’”
  • Speaking of Stack, here’s a video of him on the receiving end of a John Wall slam.  For those not in the know, John Wall is going to be your favorite player of all time.  He’s not even in the NBA yet, but I’m already clearing shelf space for a John Wall bust.
  • Rodrigue Beaubois did his thing for the cameras at the rookie photo shoot, and appears to be set on wearing number 3.  Boom, boom, pow.  I’m heavy on the graphics today, apparently.  These are the dog days of summer. (Photos via  Getty Images via Yahoo! Sports.)
  • Matt (Australia)

    Nathan Jawai

    Hey guys, didnt know where to post it, but thought you might be interested in some stats for Nathan Jawai, currently playing for Australia in a Super 4 tournament in Rio de Janeiro.


    First game against Argentina was quite impressive, posting 22 points (12 from 15 from the foul line) with 7 rebounds.

    I’m assuming there is little talk of him in Dallas, but us Aussies are hoping him can be a consistent player off the bench behing Bogut or alongside Anderson (playing for Houston this year).
    He is still quite young for a big guy and is pretty athletic.
    Missed the majority of last year (rookie year) with some sort of heart condition.