Rumor Mongering: Start Spreading the News

Posted by Rob Mahoney on July 3, 2009 under Rumors | 8 Comments to Read

Eric Pincus of HoopsWorld:

An informed source has told HOOPSWORLD that Jason Kidd intends to return to the Dallas Mavericks for a three-year, $24 million contract. Kidd has indicated to the Mavericks and New York Knicks that he’ll mull over their respective offers over the weekend.  The Knicks are said to be offering Jason a guaranteed three years at the Mid-Level Exception (MLE) which works out to be approximately $18.1 million. Barring a surprising change of events, Kidd is expected to notify the Dallas on Monday that he’ll take their offer which would start at approximately $7.25 million for the upcoming season…Expect the decision to be announced after the July 4th weekend.

This is a rumor.  That much should be known by the title of this post, and by the language that Pincus uses.  There may be some truth to it, and there may not.  But hey, it’s something, right?

  • Boogie

    Also, Word is that Turk is about to sign with the Raptors… so that means Marion could be had (They have to trim the roster).

    • Rob Mahoney

      It’d have to be a sign-and-trade, which is tough. Especially since it’s not exactly a perfect fit.

      Plus, I’m not sure the Mavs will really want to have Marion around in four years.

  • Jaredallas

    Kidd is key.
    I lost faith in Hoopsworld after David Lord at Dallas Basketball dot com busted their chops for the Rondo/Allen trade rumor, but then it turned out there was a proposed trade. So, I’m going to believe this one. Maybe because it makes me feel warm and cuddly, but whatever. We get Kidd back with a quality roll-to-the-basket guy like Gortat and things will definitely improve. Trade Stack for one of these free agents in a sign and trade…
    As the Beatles sang “You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one.”

    • Rob Mahoney

      @Jared: You mean “as John Lennon, post-Beatles sang.”

  • Cynthia

    Hoopsworld is hoopsworld. Take EVERYTHING they say with a grain of salt. They make up PURE CRAP on a daily basis over there. Here’s hoping this crap is right.

    • Rob Mahoney

      @Cynthia: I wouldn’t say they make up crap. HoopsWorld is in the rumor business, which means they post rumblings and whispers from sources all around the league. Some of those “rumors” are intentional misdirection by the teams themselves, some are misunderstandings by various sources, and there are thousands of other explanations of why the telephone game of the rumor mill could distort details between the lips of the GMs and our computer screens.

  • Jaredallas

    I just got Beatles served.

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