One Less Beast in Dallas

Posted by Rob Mahoney on July 10, 2009 under News, Roster Moves | 2 Comments to Read

David Aldridge of, on a hot tip from commenter David:

The Orlando Magic are trying to keep up in the arms race in the competitive Eastern Conference, agreeing to terms on Friday with free agent forward Brandon Bass on a four-year deal believed to be worth $18 million…even if he doesn’t start, Bass will provide toughness and size for an Orlando team that now has to contend with Shaquille O’Neal and re-signed forward Anderson Varejao in Cleveland and the return of Kevin Garnett and newly signed Rasheed Wallace in Boston. The Cavaliers made a last-minute push on Bass, according to a source, but didn’t have a way to get him the money he’ll get in Orlando…Bass’s contract has an out clause after three seasons.

It’s tough to lose Brandon Bass.  His meteoric rise with the Mavs came out of nowhere, and his slams, sweet jumpers, and periodic on-court flexing will be sorely missed.

Bass definitely deserves a chance to spread his wings, and the Magic may be just the team to accommodate that.  May all of Bass’ wildest dreams come true…unless one of those dreams involves exacting revenge on his former team.  I doubt it, considering the relatively amicable departure, but Bass is a monster just waiting to go into beast mode on anyone that lines up against him.  But all the respect in the world for the noble Sir Brandon of Bass, and look for a more thorough farewell post for the man known affectionately as “The Animal.”

Of course there is a bright side to Bass’ departure: the Magic committing additional salary to Brandon Bass virtually ensures that they will not match the offer sheet Marcin Gortat signed with the Mavs.

  • Brian D

    Miss you already Brandon <3

  • Cynthia

    I’m gonna miss Brandon too. I loved the guy the minute I saw him play his first game in the summer league. He’s the best backup we have had for Dirk. It doesn’t suprise me he left though. The possiblity of starting or at the very least getting more playing time was probably a big factor in his decision to leave. I’m glad he didn’t go to NO…they do not deserve him. I wish him nothing but the best. I do think the Mavs will be fine without him. Singleton is great and given more playing time can develop into a really good player, plus Nivins is a good possibility also. (He kicked ass in his first summer league game tonight). Also possibly Kris Humphries might get some of Brandons playing time. So it’s not like the MAVS don’t have anyone to replace Brandon. But, I will always miss “the Animal”. Good luck to you Brandon!