It’s Okay to Cry

Posted by Rob Mahoney on July 17, 2009 under News | 8 Comments to Read

I’ve had a feeling this day would come, but something deep inside refused to fully acknowledge it.  But it turns out that all of the reported interest and all of their past history couldn’t bring the Mavs and Marquis Daniels back together.  Yahoo!’s Marc Spears is reporting that ‘Quis will be signing with the Celtics, of all teams, for the full biannual exception (or possibly via sign-and-trade).  Daniels was certainly THE MISSING PIECE that stood between the Mavs and a championship, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he garners all kinds of accolades in single-handedly leading Boston to a title.

I didn’t plan on starting my weekend with misery, but free agency will break your heart.

  • Cynthia

    You are kidding, right? Marquis isn’t a bad player….WHEN he’s playing. But the guy is injured ALL THE TIME. And he’ll make about a big a difference in Boston as he did in Indiana and Dallas. I like Marquis and have nothing against him, but there’s NO WAY he is THE missing piece that would’ve brought the MAVS a championship (or Boston for that matter).

  • Charles

    He was kidding…

  • Victor

    lol. ‘Quis for MIP and 6th Man of the Year!

  • Jaredallas

    but really, we didn’t like him better than the BAE?!?!

  • Andrew

    First Gortat, and now this? I’m spending the day in bed.

    Actually, that sounds pretty nice…

  • Joe

    Am I the only one who wishes the Mavs would’ve picked up ‘Quis? They sign him and all of a sudden Jason Terry can be moved for a center. No, Marquis Daniels can’t match the production of Jason Terry, but he’d be good for 10 points per game and size at the 2. Meanwhile, a package of the reigning 6th man of the year and Damp’s expiring contract would probably be able to net a good center. Maybe Damp+JET for Okafor+Diaw? If the Mavs can still use their MLE wisely, I’d still be down for a trade like that.

    • Rob Mahoney

      @Joe: I legitimately did want the Mavs to pick up ‘Quis. But be wary of two things: First, that the Mavs likely aren’t going to get good value in return for Terry, regardless of how skilled he is or how important he is to the Mavs’ offense. Second, as such, trades like the one you proposed are pretty improbable. Any team that wants Damp likely wants him for economic reasons, and JET has a pretty significant deal at an unfavorable age. Even if either makes sense individually in a trade, they don’t really work well together. Plus, Okafor and Diaw are pretty damn good players for JET and a temporary center/expiring deal.

  • Eliz

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!