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Posted by Rob Mahoney on July 15, 2009 under xOther | 11 Comments to Read

  • The usual pleasantries to Jared Wade and the newest TrueHoop Network blog, Eight Points, Nine Seconds.  An explanation of the blog’s name shouldn’t be necessary for die-hard NBAers.  As noted on TrueHoop, Wade also fills out the TrueHoop Network roster.  Big ups to Kevin Arnovitz
  • Bethlehem Shoals of The Baseline: “The Mavs have to be devastated, at least insofar as a franchise has emotions like a person. [Marcin] Gortat wasn’t the cornerstone of their new look, but he certained anchored it. Now that team has gone from improved, albeit out of necessity in the West, to a far shakier proposition. While Marcin Gortat isn’t a star, yanking him away just might ruin the modest renaissance on the horizon in Dallas.”
  • Kevin Arnovitz names Rodrigue Beaubois to his Summer League “Halfway Home” Awards.  
  • Gil LeBreton of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram doesn’t pull any punches in his discussion of Donnie Nelson’s flub on Marcin Gortat: “For me it’s hard not to come back to Nelson on this. A guy who’s been in the league for most of his life shouldn’t have his pants taken down in public like this…Cuban or not, the general manager is supposed to be able to work the NBA buddy network, not get snookered by it. Before submitting an offer sheet, doesn’t a good GM weigh the original team’s intentions? If I were Nelson and Smith had openly misled me, I’d be telling the whole world about it. Since Nelson isn’t, however, we have to presume the same things that ESPN’s John Hollinger did, that this is a classic case of Lucy snatching the football from Charlie Brown. For Cuban to let that go with a shrug and a ‘We’ll just move to Plan B,’ is hard to believe…He probably won’t fire Nelson, not in the middle of a busy NBA summer and not without having someone ready to take Donnie’s place. But after this episode he’d better, at least, be thinking about it.”  Look, I know this situation really, really sucks for everyone around the Mavs.  But it’s not like Nellie Jr. lobbed a low-ball offer down there and waited for it to come back and hit him in the face.  Nelson offered the most money the Mavs were able to offer, and the Magic decided to match.  The situation with Bass was sorely and surely mishandled, but you don’t fire your GM over Brandon Bass.
  • The Mavs are listed as having interest in Ike Diogu, another undersized 4 who could potentially fill the void left by Brandon Bass.  Provided Diogu comes at a decent price, I’ve got no problem adding some frontcourt depth and some inside scoring.
  • If there was a window for signing Lamar Odom, it’s wide open now.  But write this down on a post-it and stick it in your pocket for later: the Mavs’ best chance of getting Odom (assuming of course, that their reported interest is legitimate) remains a sign-and-trade.  That would require the Lakers having some semblance on a reason to play ball, and if Mitch Kupchak’s patience with Odom has truly worn thin, he may be an unwilling partner.  So essentially, the Mavs’ chances of obtaining Odom hinge on putting together an attractive offer for the Lakers, or finding a team with ample cap space to play facilitator.
  • For those of you interested in pointing and laughing at members of the Spurs, I guess you may be able to find some joy in the latest episode of Richard Jefferson’s personal life.  Dude is as cold as ice.
  • wacc_Attack

    there’s a teaser on ESPN.com regarding Bosh speaking with/about the Mavs but, of course, it’s insider content. anyone know what the story is all about?

  • ingademic

    wacc_Attack: I was just about to ask the same thing myself. The headline next to his pic says “one team won’t be getting him,” so is he saying Dallas won’t have a chance to get him? Kind of hard to believe, since he starred at Lincoln.

  • Brian D

    He said he plays power forward, and Dirk already has that spot, so he doesn’t want to come here.

  • Brian D

    Also, awesome blog name. I still watch the video of that all the time.

  • Jared

    I don’t even agree that the Bass situation was mishandled. Bass was quoted in an interview yesterday as saying that they offered to wait until the Gortat situation was resolved before making a decision, and Dallas told him to go ahead.

    I think once we acquired Marion, Bass was simply not in the plans for anything but a severe discount.

  • Crawford

    Insider Content:

    FREE AGENCY: One team won’t get Bosh
    Chris Bosh | Raptors
    Tim Cowlishaw of The Dallas Morning News does not believe the Mavs have any shot of signing 2010 free agent Chris Bosh after speaking with the power forward. His rationale is that Bosh loves Toronto and plays the power forward position, which is occupied by Dirk Nowitzki.
    “I love Toronto. And Toronto loves me,” Bosh said.

    • http://www.thetwomangame.com Rob Mahoney

      Pretty cruel move by the big four-letters on that one. That’s a pretty substantial hook for what amounts to some reading between the lines by Cowlishaw.

  • Andrew

    Yeah, not that I was all “Bosh is coming home”, but you’d think they might care about people enough not to pretend Bosh said he’s not coming, definitely, when it’s actually Tim Cowlishaw. They ARE different people. I’ve seen pictures.

  • Chaz

    New York will also love Chris Bosh.

  • http://www.bign.com/cagabel Cynthia

    New York can’t get everybody.