(Bad) NEWS: Magic to Match Offer for Marcin Gortat

Posted by Rob Mahoney on July 13, 2009 under News | 7 Comments to Read

As per a report from Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel, the Magic will match the Mavs’ offer sheet to Marcin Gortat.  More to come, obviously, so stay tuned.

  • BK

    Huge disappointment for the Mavs and Mavs fans…

    Getting Gortat would have completed our fairly good offseason, but losing him now really hurts and makes us look bad.

    I wonder if this could have been avoided by not including Orlando in the Marion trade, or by keeping up talks with Bass until Gortat went through. Something should have been differently to ensure we got our guy.

    Who do we turn to now to give the MLE? There’s no real centers available via FA. Do we try to trade for a big body using Buckner or Williams or someone else, or do we have to use our Dampier chip now?

    My mind had it all pictured that we would get Gortat, Damp would give us Dwade or Joe Johnson next summer, and we would be unstoppable.

  • Brian D

    Why?!?!?! What is this other than a gigantic dick move?

  • Keith

    Brian D:

    The magic have no depth at the 5 behind Dwight. Marcin is a good option that knows the system.

    It’s my personal opinion though that it’ll turn into a sign and trade – they’re (Magic) are still talking with Theo Ratliff (why?) for a cheaper backup option. I think with the 9mil trade exception from Hedo and the (roughly) 6mil per year for Marcin they can fill some roster gaps. They need a big, depth at the point, and a true SF since they’re trying to keep Lewis at the 4.

  • Jaredallas

    I solemnly declare shenanigans.
    A plague on Orlando houses (not just because of what was done to the Everglades in their name).

  • JT

    You know. This really does suck. I was excited about having a center who was a little more mobile. Well, maybe there’s some hope still.

    I still think we should trade Josh Howard and Buckner for Michael Redd. The Bucks get some talent back and expiring contracts. We get a 2 guard. We could then pick up Rashad McCants or Marquis with the MLE or BAE.

    Then that leaves Damp’s huge contract that we might just sit on.

  • wacc_Attack

    we. got. royally. boned.

  • wacc_Attack

    this is beyond sh*tty…now we are stuck with the MLE and no quality FAs to blow it on; can’t even give it to Bass who peaced out already. the Magic totally screwed us out of both those guys. well played. karma is a b. watch your back.