Adventures in Summer Leaguing, Volume II

Posted by Rob Mahoney on July 12, 2009 under Recaps | 3 Comments to Read

Houston Rockets 98, Dallas Mavericks 95

Photo by Garrett W. Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images.

Box Score

I wasn’t able to watch last night’s summer league game due to a little basketball tournament of my own, so of course Rodrigue Beaubois turned in an absolutely magnificent performance when my back was turned.  Roddy followed up his disappointing debut with a lights-out showing in game 2, registering a stat-line almost too monstrous to believe:

32 points
12-21 FG
7-12 3FG (This cat’s got some serious NBA range)
8 assists
4 rebounds
Only 2 turnovers

This face?  Right here?  My Over-the-Moon Face.  I’m absolutely thrilled that Beaubois was apparently able to be a more effective and efficient point guard, even if his trouble with fouling continued (9 fouls).  That will work itself out as he continues to get a feel for the NBA game.  Roddy is so young and so inexperienced in NBA-style basketball that it doesn’t really matter how many fouls he gets right now.  What matters is that he displays the attributes to be a hellish point guard defender.  He showed some of that in game one, but of course I can’t speak to what I didn’t see in game two.  Among his praise of Rodrigue’s game, Rick Carlisle did note that Beaubois’ defense is far from a finished product (via Arnovitz at TrueHoop):

“He brings us a different dimension. We don’t have this kind of angular speed, or supreme-type athlete at the point guard position right now. So he gives us a different look.” Carlisle was cautious in his praise. It’s only Beaubois’ second NBA game, and he still has to learn how to play an NBA brand of defense. “When you come from a mid-league in Europe to the NBA, you have to ratchet up your level of awareness.”

David Thorpe chimed in today, on Twitter:

Beaubois has been the best pure pg I’ve seen this summer. Until George Hill. Westbrook is the most explosive game changer.

Pretty good company for the youngest Mav.

Beaubois wasn’t alone, as Ahmad Nivins continued his strong play with a near-double double (11 points, 8 rebounds).  I can’t decide how I feel about Luke Jackson’s box score, considering he scored 16 points on 11 shots, but only made 3 field goals.  Going perfect from the line is impressive and getting there for 8 attempts even moreso, but shooting such a low percentage from the field is never a good thing.

Not much to note otherwise from the Mavs’ perspective.  From my understanding, the Mavs are still reluctant to leave Beaubois on the floor as a solo ball-handler, often playing Rodrigue and Aaron Miles together on the floor.  I’ve made my position on Miles pretty clear, and again Baylor’s Curtis Jerrells superficially seems a superior candidate.  It’s hard to make any kind of real judgment off of box scores alone, but if you go strictly by the numbers, Jerrells had a superior game in more limited playing time.  There are a number of reasons why that could be true, but I’d love to see Jerrells get more of a run as a back-up point with the summer league team, rather than random rotation filler.

  • Jared

    FYI, several of Roddy’s fouls came in the waning minutes as the Mavs were fouling intentionally to try to get back in the game.

    I *think* he had six legitimate ones. Still too many obviously, but not as bad as it looks.

    He was simply stunning, honestly. In the context of Summer League I’m not sure how he could have been more exciting. He did share the court with Miles at times, but not always. And during the second half I found myself agitated whenever Miles had the ball, because I just wanted to see Roddy do something.

    Two things really stood out to me beyond his scoring ability:

    1. He has blinding speed in a completely different way than Devin Harris. Devin always had incredible speed, but it seemed that in order to utilize it, he had to throw himself into top gear and basically throw himself at the basket. He has gradually learned to ease off the gas a bit, but his game is still largely dependent on being baled out by whistles while hurtling towards the rim.

    Roddy is much more like Parker in that he seems to have great quickness to go along with great speed. He can stop and then start again and still be moving with incredible speed. So he stays much more in control on his way to the basket.

    This leads into..

    2. He has natural PG instincts. He can absolutely fill it up, but when he gets in the lane, he’s looking for someone to kick it to. He showed off several effortless passes to no-obvious receivers during drives into the lane.

    I would encourage people to show patience, as we’ve seen great performances in the Summer League before. But there is no question that the tools are there for Roddy. I can’t wait for the next game.

  • Andytobo

    I’d like to know more from people who actually saw Roddy. I love that he scored a lot and had tons of range, but I don’t love that our supposed “pure point guard” had the most shots, by far, of anybody on either team, that our supposed slasher had more shots from three than from inside and, of course, that’s 17 fouls in 2 games. Maybe it was just because he felt hot from three, maybe it’s because it’s summer league…but while I like the results, I don’t like how it SOUNDS like he played.

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