Adjust Your Checklists Accordingly

Posted by Rob Mahoney on July 24, 2009 under News | Read the First Comment

The Raptors have come to terms with Rasho Nesterovic, leaving the big man free agent corps just a bit smaller.  Chad Ford reported that the deal is just one year for the biannual exception ($1.9 million).  Nesterovic was likely the last reasonable, traditional center left on the market, so if the Mavs make moves to supply some depth at center, they’ll have to be a bit more creative.

  • BK

    Hey Rob, there are some guys out there like Warrick/Diogu/McCants/Wafer/Gooden who could provide us with better depth than what we have if they come for the right price. That being said, we have 14 guys on our roster now, but the max you can have is 15 during the season. But, aren’t we allowed to sign over 15 guys now, as long as we have it cut down before the season starts? I think a lot of people can see the ideal situation in September being Buck/Humphries/Jawai/Williams or at least 3 of them going out together for a better player. So if that cuts 3-4 guys from our roster, putting us at 10-11, we shouldn’t have a hard time filling it up with a couple guys from that list plus Singleton/Hollins or both and the guy we trade for.

    Main thing is I just want to make sure I understand how the roster situation works, to know if we are hampered right now in our options by having 14 guys.