Waiting for Terrence

Posted by Rob Mahoney on June 25, 2009 under Commentary | Be the First to Comment

I’ve made it perfectly clear that I believe Terrence Williams to be an ideal fit for the Mavs.  He’s a hellish defender, an excellent rebounder for his position, and a crutch for our point guard of the future.  I think he would easily be Antoine Wright and more.

Unfortunately, the Mavs aren’t Williams’ other suitor.  Terrence seems to have a guarantee, and based on the mutual interest from both parties, it’s a fair bet that said guarantee is coming from the New Jersey Nets with the 11th pick.  If not there, then perhaps with the Charlotte Bobcats at 12.  Williams seems to have climbed from within the Mavs’ range to clear out of sight, leaving us with little hope of seeing him in Maverick blue.

That said, there’s no harm in waiting.  There is some harm, however, in dealing down two spots in the draft with a team earmarking similar needs.

In college, Williams was a small forward.  He’s capable of playing that position in the NBA, even if he doesn’ t quite have the height to match the towers of that position.  And if he does, for one reason or another, slip ‘n slide all the way to the 22 spot in the draft, could you really see Portland passing up Williams in favor of Omri Casspi?  Casspi is 6’9”, but many of his strengths are things that Williams can easily replicate (strengths lists courtesy of Draft Express):

Essentially, Casspi’s strengths are eclipsed by Williams’.  Terrence also brings the added benefit of relieving ball pressure from Brandon Roy, and playing a point forward role with the second unit.  For a team that features Jerryd Bayless and Steve Blake as point guards, that’s actually a pretty decent alternative.

I’m not sure how high (or low) the Blazers are on Williams, but I do know this: if they’re on the clock with both still on the board, is it even possible that Portland passes up the superior, more versatile talent?