There’s No News Like Draft News

Posted by Rob Mahoney on June 24, 2009 under News | 3 Comments to Read

The Mavs have agreed to a deal in principle with the Portland Trailblazers, trading the 22nd pick in the draft for the 24th pick, the 56th pick, and a 2010 second rounder.

Chad Ford seems to believe that the Blazers have their sights set on Omri Casspi.  The Israeli wing may have caught the eye of the Sacramento Kings, who currently hold the 23rd pick.

Credit to the Mavs; this counts as activity.  If Casspi is indeed the guy for either Sacramento or Portland, then this deal isn’t likely to affect the Mavs’ options.  Casspi hasn’t been linked to the Mavs aside from a few rumors early in the process, mostly because he plays the same position as Josh Howard.  The Mavs are likely drafting for some combination of need and best talent available, and Casspi’s stock drops a bit with the Mavs because of that SF label.  He’s still a fairly intriguing prospect in my eyes, but this trade (if Ford’s buzz is indeed correct) seems to indicate otherwise.

So the gameplan going into the draft tomorrow is more or less the same: find a valuable starter, preferably one who can provide depth in the frontcourt, blossom into a starting shooting guard, or give a glimmer of hope at the point.  The trade does, however, allow the Mavs to take a shot at a second rounder.  There are some intriguing names that may fall to the second round (Nick Calathes, Patty Mills, Marcus Thornton, Wayne Ellington, Dionte Christmas), meaning the Mavs may have milked some real value out of their pick.

  • Brian D

    Great trade. It will end up being fantastic if we snag a guy who can make the roster with the 2nd rounder.

  • Brian D

    P.S. Geaux Tigers!!!

  • Andytobo

    One was the last time the Mavs had a first rounder turn out for them, let alone a second rounder. The odds that this trade will be trading the 22 for the 24 and nothing are pretty high. Still, we weren’t going to get much. I’ll only care if Terrence Williams is somehow still available at 22…